I cannot believe that reality is so hard to understand. Perhaps you are too busy?

I have not finished this piece yet, but as I have provided a link to it, need to put in online.

Content includes the following (Commentary to follow shortly).

Made in America – Diane Sawyer

Check the can before you buy

China ate my Jeans Blog

A tale of two cities

A tale of two cities in Pictures

Buy fresh, buy local

The Walmart you do not know

Hopefully, I will have time to finish the research, and update this post in the coming week..

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  1. […] Well for those of you following the story so far, we spent the night close to  Parkersbug, Virginia…not a pretty town anymore.   We tried to like it.  Too depressing.  90% of the shops were closed; either out of business or not able to conduct any.  Best to read the post at Shake Your fist […]

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