OK…Part 2….let’s improve the curve.

Alright, for those of joining us late, or coming late to class, please refer to the last post: What do banks do?.  No problem, I’ll wait until you catch up.  As they say here, “the paper is patient.”

I will have you know I am missing the Germany vs. Turkey Football (Soccer for those in Amiland)…I already know who wins in the end;  I read the book…[amazon_link id=”3421044309″ target=”_blank” ]Deutschland schafft sich ab[/amazon_link]

OK, on the same page?  Yesterday there was a link to an article that pretty much covers everything I am writing now.  Almost everything.  (That would be “Billions for the bankers…“)

Where we last left off, was the topic of the Federal Reserve.  The only thing it has to do with the Federal Government, is that all property, public and private is used as collateral for the loans issued by the private banks that make up the Federal Reserve.  As homework you can Google to find out who they [the bankers] are…extra credit if you post the results.

What the real joke is that the Federal Reserve was concocted in a secret meeting by bankers on Jekyll Island.  I read the book “[amazon_link id=”0802144659″ target=”_blank” ]House of Morgan[/amazon_link]” (Yep, I tend to read a lot.)  So it is not some conspiracy theory.

In effect, what was created was an instrument that removed the original mandate of the Founding Fathers’ giving the sole power to mint and control currency to the Congress.  In addition, the Founding Fathers also mandated, that all currency had to be based on [precious metal] ‘hard currency.’    The problem was that with the growth of the [exploitation/ use] of the ***vast*** resources of the young country, ‘hard currency’ tended to be in short supply; gold and silver could only me mined, and put into circulation at a fixed rate.

This meant that a farmer could spend 100$ on seed, spend the entire season tending it, and due to the competition for currency, end up only being able to sell his crops for 90$.  Sounds bad.  However, that same 90$, bought the same amount of goods that 120$ did when he planted his crops.  The value numerically decreased, but the intrinsic value increased; due to his labour and time, a net increase resulted.  However, human nature being what it is, no one seemed to see it this way.  There were several attempts to move from the gold standard to a silver standard, but people saw this as a ‘debasing’ of the currency.  Another joke in light of ‘Whirley Ben.’

To fast forward a bit.  America is not on any sort of Gold Standard.  Skipping all the details as to the how and why…in fact, no country today is.  What we have is what is termed a ‘Fiat Currency.’  or for a more ‘direct’ explaination look here:  More on Fiat Currencies.  Basically, it is money backed by nothing then the belief that the Government is sound, and being honest.   Any alarms ringing yet?

In short, you could take a roll of Toilet Paper, write “One Dollar / One Euro  / One Real etc,  and it would probably have more worth; if you bought a case of Sotties 1000 sheet rolls that is.  With ‘White Cloud‘, you would be losing money…

Oh, and one last point, to repeat for those not paying attention:  All of the credit from the Federal Reserve (that would be the dollars printed, Federal Reserve Notes sold, etc), are backed up by all Public and Private Land in the USA.  This is not only in the original Federal Reserve act, but please correct me if I am wrong, but part of The Patriot Act…added by Mr. Halliburton himself, Donald Rumsfeld.

What this means is that if America had defaulted on its’ debts, the screaming hoards would come flocking over, and start seizing American Property.  That would be homes, farmland, National Forests (Yep…cut to the ground, and shipped overseas)…everything until the debt was satisfied.  Look at it as an International Sherriff’s Sale…nice, Huh?

One benefit from the Election of Mr. Obama is that a record number of weapons, ammunition and survival supplies were sold not only directly after his election, but throughout his entire Presidency.  Too bad most of the experience the owner’s have come from ‘Combat Arms‘ or ‘Battlefield.’  (Naturally with a sack from McD’s or White Castle for sustenance during ‘the battle.’  Jeez.

So enough info for today.  In short, yes Banks are the problem.  A bigger problem is Congress (but not Ron Paul).


The ‘Reserve System’

Eliminate the Federal Reserve

Eliminate Banks.

OK…maybe I can catch the end of the Game.  Germany leads 2-0…but that is Football, not real life.


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