Yes we can, but not again…

Well, it seems like nothing will ever change.  The best looking, slick-sounding candidates seem to be getting the attention of the media.  In Germany, no one knows who Ron Paul is.  Everyone laughed at the charts from Ross Perot.  It seems that all of those things are coming to fruition.  Of course no one is listening.   At least they are buying guns.  I hope they are stocking up on ammo, because it appears that the powers that be are keeping the ammo supply short.

So you have to ask, is America really going to make it?  Highly doubtful.  The current President has continued the policies of the previous administration, but somehow has managed to maintain a ‘Holier-than-Thou’ image.  Instead of instituting change, it has been worse than more of the same.  A few  simple questions:  Are Americans better off now than they were before?  Where are the jobs?  Still subsidised by tax-breaks in China and Taiwan…I digress.  More of the same cannot remain the norm. (Also ©2012 English Spoken Here and Shake Your Fist)

If in the next campaign, any politician wishes to use MY slogan (except Ron Paul), I require the payment of 1.00$ US for EVERY instance of  its use; printed media, radio and television.

There are no ‘African-Americans; Mexican-Americans; Cuban-Americans,; Gay-Americans,  etc’  only Americans.  To assign labels is not only racist, but counter-productive.  Either they are Americans together, or separate groups that breed derision and hatred.

Barack Obama has not only not delivered on his ‘Promise’ (Of change for the better-of course he only promised change…the USA changed, but not for the better).

The American Dollar is on the brink of losing its status as the standard currency, OK it is really over the edge…yes we can…loot what is left, and pick the bones.  Great.  A real legacy for the ‘Great Generation’ that fought and died for the principles of the Founding Fathers.   (That would be irony son).  Now we have the “i-generation.”  Plugged-in and soon fully integrated in the ‘Cloud.’  Individuals under the control of technology.  Luddite-ism has its’ advantages.

Has anyone taken the time to look at what Chalmers Johnson has written?  Namely *[amazon_link id=”0805075593″ target=”_blank” ]Blowback[/amazon_link]” and [amazon_link id=”0805077979″ target=”_blank” ]”Sorrows of an Empire[/amazon_link]”.  Sorry, I have not had time to read “[amazon_link id=”B001P3OMM8″ target=”_blank” ]Nemesis[/amazon_link]” yet…

Vote Ron Paul while there is still time to make a difference.  Join the LoveRevolution….Yes we can, but not again.

Frank Weston…

Even Jonathan  at supports this post.

If you agree, please share, forward or attach this post it to your favourite social network…even if it is is FC Bayern, and not FC Köln…Ironically, the motto of the Football Club is “Nicht meckern, machen”, which translates to:  “Don’t complain, DO SOMETHING!”

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