Well, I had three or four drafts that I was working on for the last couple of weeks, and I made a new outline (on paper) and realised that I could do it “one and done” by combining most of the research that was done with new information that has come to light.

Luke 8:17 “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” I really would like to believe this, but we still doughnut have all the information about the assassination of JFK.

Well, Jeepers, where should I start? (Frank says, “at the beginning, you dolt.”)

At the beginning of the whole “Corona-mania” I was very sceptical. I saw the news. Speaking with friends in the States, I heard the news of Reefer trucks lined up, and according to them filled with corpses. Crikey, even a Hospital ship was sent to New York to help. No patient was treated there. I realise folks died as a result of being infected. In addition, Cuomo who sent infected folks to retirement homes should have his head on a pike. He was not the only one. I digress.

Nope, this was not the Black Plague, the Spanish Flu or anything close. It was presented by the media and politicians as such, though, and folks went along.

I know of no one that died from Corona, and I know a lot of folks. The farmer down the hill caught it when he was in Hospital at the beginning of the endemic, and brought it back home. I do know of one person that died after getting their second shot, though; 42 years old with no comorbidities. My oldest daughter (27) and her boyfriend were ill with the first round a year ago, still were immunised and last week her boyfriend tested positive for this round (he is doing fine).

Since I am combining three different posts, this is going to be a slog. I apologise. Let me start off with the whole hysteria. It was no accident. Joseph Göbbels wrote the playbook, and in this day of controlled mass-media, it was taken to an entirely new level. It has a new name though; it is called the “Nudge factor.” In England, they have a department called “The Nudge Unit.” Here in Germany, they hired a specialist to help them push folks to get vaccinated. I mentioned her before, Cornelia Betsch. You can read the complete article on “Nudge Tyranny” written by another colleague here in Germany, eugyppius. Even in the USA, they are participating in the same “Mind Control.” That would be at none other than the “Authority” John Hopkins Institute.

It should be relatively clear that Mandates are about Political Control, not Health. From the beginning, the mandatory of wearing masks raised my hackles. I worked a few years as a painter wearing the 3M canister masks that were supposed to protect me from the cyanoacrylate poisons in the paints. It turned out that they were not effective. So, I had to laugh when the lemmings started wearing masks to “protect” themselves from an air bourne virus. I took it in stride, although it raised my blood pressure quite a bit to comply. Well, well, well and shiver me timbers. It turns out it was all a farce. Even the CDC in America admits it now. Crikey, there were actual CLINICAL STUDIES that masks do not work. OK, that is not the link I was looking for, but now the new “rule” is the N95 masks or the “surgical” masks. Well, let me tell you, pilgrim, this is another lie. Sorry, I lost the link about the proper fitment of masks. However, having a beard negates any protection. Oh, and they have to fit closely without gaps. Sure, they filter out 95% of the dust, but sorry Charlie, the size of the Corona Pathogen is much smaller. The only reason to wear a mask is to keep your sneezes and coughs in. However, if you are infected, you will still respirate the virus though the mask.

Oh, and how does my mask fit? Well, I have a beard from “O bis O.” (Oktober bis Ostern/October ’till Easter) Good luck with a seal. At least I am complying with the rules that have no basis in science.


I found another article from Switzerland…nope…masks are not the answer. “Are Face Masks Effective? The Evidence.”

Moving along…let’s talk about the “vaccines.” Well, it appears that the chance that getting the “proper” doses including the “booster” have two chances of protecting one from getting ill: Slim and none, and Slim left town. Even here in Germany, they are starting to recognise the risks/side effects. What seems to be ignored in the media is how many folks who are paid for their physical prowess are dropping over. Yep, a 5x increase in deaths of the folks that are physically fit. Oh, and the Still-births? Women who have been immunised are losing their babies. But wait, there is more. What about the labour shortage? It appears that folks are dropping like flies. Even the Insurance companies are noticing the strange surge of deaths in the young working populace. Another article about the labour shortage…well Stanley, this is a fine mess you have gotten us into.

All is not lost however, at least our fearless leaders are doing well. For all the mask theatre, their finances are doing much better than any other investment firm. The best financial advice is to follow “free market capitalism” Nancy Pelosi. Sure, the rich get richer, but in this case, they are drowning in money at our expense. In the meantime, the public coffers (Taxpayer’s money) are being drained for the profits of those in charge, as well as to profit the Pharma firms dealing out their poison. It would appear that the public are a bunch of guinea pigs to try out their “experimental” product, paid for with tax dollars.

To go even further down the rabbit whole is the whole origin of this epidemic. It turns out that it was funded by American Taxpayers. Lord Fauci and his colleagues are complicit. The documentation is available for all to read. I am particularly outraged that I have to do a daily “nose-rape” with a test made in China, as well as have to wear a mask that is also made in China.

Time to wrap this up. Sorry, folks, but this really appears to be a practice run on control of the populace. Anarchy? In the USA, that would not end well. I find it hard to believe that the Australians accepted the dystopian edicts of their Government. Well, give up your guns, and give up your freedoms.

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