China? Russia? Who is the real enemy? (It is not Russia)

The saying in German is “die Kacke ist am Dämpfen” (The shit is cooking).

Yep, there is that whole seizing of the Crimea Peninsula, however, if you were following the whole story, they wanted to return to Russia.

One needs to take a step back and look at a bit of history. Sure, we had the Cold War, but it has been over since 1989. (“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall.”) Well, then there was the debate for the re-election of Osama-Obama. Well, it appears that Mick Romney was right about Russia in the debate.

Wowsers. I started writing this on the 10th of February. Jeepers, how times have changed. I was doing editing on a few other posts, and now we in Germany are wondering what will come next. Sorry, folks, this whole chess game started with the annexation of Crimea. Osama-Obama let it happen…oh, and the “Big Guy” as well.

Doughnut get me started on the Biden Family connections with the Ukraine corruption. Could it be that all the files on Hunter Biden’s Laptop that were ignored have now led to a world crisis?

When I look at this, it looks like a chess game that the USA is losing. Russia and China Stockpiling Gold, China doing the BRIC’s thing-that would be the divesting of the “reserve currency-The US Dollar.” China stockpiling grain. Well folks, this ain’t looking good. Due to a couple of bad harvests in the USA, and on top of the fact that most of Europe is dependent on imports of Russian grain, this could really be a horror… Oh, and then the dependence on Russia gas and oil.

Crikey, I digress. So… The German news has followed the narrative of the MSM (main stream media). Trump is the bad guy. Well, this whole pot of stirring shite a result of NATO. Trump said that NATO is obsolete. He is the villain. Well, actually no. He demanded that they pay their fair share.

To be clear, I as an American in Germany, was completely embarrassed to have Donald Trump as the President of my America. I did not vote for him in the first round, I wrote-in Papa Kriebs. I sent in my mail-in vote for him for the re-election, but either it was not counted or my vote was tallied wrongly.

So then, to be clear. I am appalled with the history of Donald Trump. He is morally bankrupt, a rich, privileged bugger that has screwed lots of little folks (as well as made himself rich in the process). So to be direct, I am no fan of Donald Trump as a person, father or anything else.

However, I am not convinced that what is going on would happen if he was President. For all his faults, his egotism, in retrospect, it appears that he really had the interests of America as a priority.

So now we are in this mess. Sorry to say, Taiwan is the next to fall. Look at the state of the US military.

Oh, and my work collogue asked if this was a distraction. It appears that every-day-life is a gem of three card Monte.

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