The cost of being “comfortable.”

Well, this thought just hit me when I was in the middle of writing “Woke or Awoken” and “China and Russia, who is the real enemy?” When I write something, sure it is my opinion. However, it is based on facts and I spend a great deal of effort to provide references to why I have my opinion. That takes time, so please bear with me.

This piece is my opinion, done Greg Jeffers style. He is a school comrade of mine from Perkiomen School. Check out his writings, it might give you another perspective.

My brother and I never really knew what it meant to be “comfortable.” We had our tasks and goals, and (Reverend) Papa Kriebs and Reverend Dr. Mom bought a farm in 1972 that had no running water or electric. It was an experience growing up that was completely at odds with most of the other kids we grew up with could relate to.

After the house was built by Papa Kriebs with the support of close members of the family and friends (That was how it was back then.) We had indoor plumbing, electric and heating. The cost of being comfortable back then meant pulling weeds in the garden, cutting and chopping ten cords of wood to heat the house for the winter. There was the tending of the orchard, and the canning of the harvest for the winter.

I realise that this is an impossible reality for folks that live in urban areas. Here in Germany, many urban folks have gardens in the city areas have “allotments” (Strebegartens) where they can grow vegetables or make a place to relax, and feel “comfortable.” There are also folks that join a collaborative and grow their own produce and trade with others. Yep, we are still canning in Germany.

Way back when, Mr. Peabody. (6 years ago) We had a large vegetable garden. Corn, bush beans, cucumbers, sugar peas, onions, garlic, peppers, and tomatoes for example. We canned the surplus, as well as shared with the neighbourhood. Here in Germany, where we live, it is too wet, and growing tomatoes in the “wild” is hit or miss.

A crisis is coming if you are paying attention. Now is the time to prepare. Even China sees this. They are stockpiling grain.

Well, there is another problem. There is a shortage of fertilizer to support not only the industrial farms, but also the entire farming industry. It is looking like this will be a very interesting year.


So for all of you folks sitting on your sofa binging on Netflix/Amazon Prime/You-tube, or making mush out of your brain with Tick-tock or whatever else you have as a distraction. The clock is ticking. Please give the effort to get control of your life. We are the last naked monkeys on this blue marble. Reach out, make contact with your neighbours. Hug your honey. We are all in this together, and can come through much better. OH, and FJB.

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