Where you get your news affects your perception. Choose wisely.

Hello from Germany. I have to say that what is reported in the news here is completely manipulated crap. Mask mandates, 3G (Geimpft, genesen, getestet…Immunised, recovered or tested). It is absolutely out of control. The whole program of Josef Göbbels has been taken to a new level. It has a more friendly name now…” Nudge Theory.”

Shite. I digress. Here are a few alternatives where you can get /I get my information. Nope, Breitbart, and Newsmax are not on my list.

If I want an entertaining, although factual view of the news, I go to thegatewaypundit.com.

My first page is The Epoch Times. Pretty much straight up, and no nonsense.

The next page I read is ZeroHedge.com Very neutral as well as offering a lot of information with the markets.

The Federalist is another source. I might not agree with everything, but it is my own right to disagree.

Oh, and Townhall. I actually have a subscription to the “VIP” pages.

Then there is the Brownstone Institute…countless facts and data about the “epidemic.”

There is a whole syndicate of news with “VIP Access” Here is the first one. PJmedia.com

I will have to get to the substack sources later.

Here is the last one for today. A blog from a colleague here in Germany. eugyppius, a plague chronical.

I have a lot more, but that should get you started on the way to sort out the truth from the non-reality that is being presented by the Main stream media. The choice is yours. Be informed or suffer the consequences.

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