“Die Kacke ist am Dämpfen” (The Shite is cooking…like in a microwave.)

Yep, old Sleepy Joe is playing a losing game (If he really is in the game at all.) If this was a poker game, he is holding all the losing cards.

Wowsers. Things are escalating at a frighting pace. Germany just made a HUGE U-turn in its policy NOT to send weapons to active war zones. Turkey closed access via the Black Sea and the EU is shutting down airspace for Russian flights.

In the meantime, Putin has put the Nuclear Force on High Alert. This is getting out of control.

Oh, where is Brandon? Happy and home in Delaware. Jeepers. The shite is coming down, and he goes back home. Oh, and how much time does he spend there? A lot. He is treating being President as a 09.00 to 17.00 Job. Oh, and it ain’t cheap either, over $3 million as of November. So as the World is getting ready to be burned to a crisp, he is having a nice nap and an ice-cream.

Meanwhile, granny keeps beating-off the Indians, and they keep on coming. (Poor, crass joke, but I needed a bit of comedy.)

OK, so really. Meanwhile, China is setting up bases near to Hawaii on the Island of Kiribati. They were once friendly to the USA, but US foreign policy changed their attitude.

But wait, there is more. Since 81 million (silent/dead/illegal folks) voted for Brandon, China is making a lot of stress with Taiwan. It appears that the ramifications of the “withdrawal” from Afghanistan have set the dominoes in motion. First there are the costs. $86 BILLION!!! Then there is the cost of the credibility of the USA to the World as a World power. The message from the Brandon Administration is clear: Not our problem. Oh, and there is that “that thing.” (I figure it is a nap or more ice cream.)

Shite, there is still more. The “Sanctions.” This is really going to turn into a steaming pile of vegan food. America is over $30 Trillion in debt. (Actually a lot more if you look at http://www.shadowstats.com/) Of course, you could look at https://usdebtclock.org/ But I digress. The sanctions could, and probably will cause a crash in the Financial markets. I lost almost all of my money when Lehman Brothers went down. (The officers still received their bonuses though) Well, the “Sanctions” might cause another financial meltdown. Funny, (not really) that the whole “Green Energy” has really given Russia the upper hand.

Germany has been so busy kowtowing to the “Global Warming” bull shite that they have now become dependent on Energy from outside their borders. Germany has closed down almost all of their coal mines, and I am a bit incensed about it as well. Growing up in PA, I know the coal industry. There is an entire culture of the folks that work in the coal mines. Here in Germany, it is an even deeper cultural phenomenon. It goes on for generations, and the change to “re-educate” the workers is a joke. It is a decimation of a culture, a community that has been in existence for over 200 years. The point is that Germany and most of Europe let themselves fall into the trap of being energy dependent on Russian oil and gas.

Once again, I was side-tracked. At least BMW is not toeing the line with the E-Auto Bull crap. A topic for another time about hydrogen and alternative fuels.

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