This Just in….crap

OK, enough photos. Well, “die Kacke ist am Dämpfen” (I mean the shite is about to get microwaved) The Russian Foreign Minister just declared that “that WWIII would be Nuclear.” Well, that sounds REALLY bad.

What a wonder after the absolute horror of the “State of the Union Address.” It is no wonder that the world is under threat to be burned to a cinder with a geriatric myopic, degenerate and cognitively impaired idiot in charge.

The whole “Sanction” thing is a joke. No sanctions against Russian Oil. Once upon a time, America was a net exporter of oil/energy. Well, we know how that all went down with “Walter” at the controls. He killed the Keystone pipeline on his first day of office, as well as turned the border into a “free to enter zone.

I could go on, but I am one tired pup. Hopefully, we will not be burned to a cinder tomorrow. Jeepers, maybe that would solve numerous problems with environmental change.

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