Green Energy? Jeepers, how is that working out?

Green Energy? Jeepers, how is that working out?

Heck, where do I start? With the crisis in Texas that happened last year? The absolute evisceration of the American Energy sector by “Executive Order” by “Brandon? ” Holy Moses, there is a smorgasbord of facts to show that the current American administration is a circus with defective monkeys. America was once energy independent as well as with low unemployment. Not only low unemployment, but also with the minorities. I guess getting rid of those mean tweets are really worth the hurt that is going on right now.

Oops, I digress. Well, there is evidence (sorry for the source), that shows that Russia spent quite a bit of energy promoting the “green revolution.”

Well, this is a fine mess we are in now in Germany. “German Delegation Laughed at Trump When He Warned Them About Russia, But Not a Single One of Them Is Laughing Now”

Well, there is the whole thing about “fossil fuel.” In case you went to a school that did not teach you the basics, or anything about the laws of physics; here is the first one: Matter cannot be created or destroyed. This is an important one. We live on this amazing blue marble, and have been killing each other for years. However, if anyone also had the experience of having a terrarium, it is the same thing. It is a closed system.

Coal, Peat coal, and the others are derivatives of plant matter that collected CO2 and decayed. Burning this as an energy source is a 0 loss/gain for CO2. They are the only “fossil fuels.” As far as oil being a “fossil fuel,” I beg to differ, since Jimmy Carter, the media predicted we would be out of oil in 1990. Sorry, folks take a look at the abiotic oil theory. Who discovered this? A Russian.

Well, this whole “Green thing” is a crock of shite. Shutting down coal mines and the rest of the energy sector is a false economy. The technology has existed for years for “clean coal.” Algae to scrub the CO2 and be processed into polymers, diesel and other products. (I have tons of information about this, and can provide more if you like.)

So, it appears that the powers that be who fly their private jets wherever they want, want us all to “sacrifice for the environment.” Pull up your socks, better put on two, and a sweater or two as well. Here in Germany, Robert Habeck told us to turn the heat down.

But wait! There’s more. Because of all of this fuddy-duddy with making “everything-green,” there are consequences. In jolly old England, there will be a shortage of cucumbers, and other hot-house vegetables.

Well, since the Netherlands also made itself dependent on Russian Gas, I guess that here in Germany, we are in the same boat.

But wait...there is more. There is a crisis with the “white meat.” No gas, no chicks, no eggs. Ok, and then there is the crisis with the bird flu in the USA. This will be a mess.

Oh, and back to Ukraine. I am still writing about the whole convoluted background. Here are a few things to read for perspective:

The forgotten Potential of Ukraine.

I find it very curious that the “uprising” in the Donbass region started at the time that gas reserves were discovered that could have made Ukraine energy independent.

I could go on, but my Ultraman light is blinking..

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