The way things are, are not the way things should be.

Well, I have been very busy with real-life, and actually calling folks on the Telephone, instead of posting on Facebook.

Countless reports of shootings everywhere of innocent folks in “Gun-Free-Zones,” as well in cities such as Detroit, Chicago, NYC, Washington DC, Portland…need I go on? There is a very old saying, “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

The most recent shooting of kids in an Elementary School in Texas. Well, it appears that the police are no longer to “serve and protect” As a result of all the negative press, they no longer have the balls to do their job. OVER AN HOUR TO RESPOND?

Something has really gone askew in my America. In the news, they blame the weapon, not the perpetrator of the crime. I wept when I heard the news. I cannot imagine, and cannot empathise with the pain and loss of the parents of the children.

What really has my nickers in a bunch are that on Social Media; Twitter and Facebook my posts are censored within seconds, but when the miscreant posts his intentions 30 minutes before it all took place, nothing was flagged.

Oh, and then there was the shooting in Buffalo, NY. It could have also been prevented.

More disturbing is when one does a search for “Mass shootings USA” This was one example. Guns are not the problem, more gun laws are also not the solution. The media, government, the disintegration of the nuclear family and the value of human life are at the root of this. There is mounting evidence that the monsters doing this violence are also victims of the pharmaceutical industry. The drugs being pumped into kids seems to be having an adverse effect.

With all of that, I want to share something personal. If Frank did his job, this would be behind a “pay-wall.”

If there was anyone who was bullied, it was me. The Son of one of the first women Pastors in the USA, a Father who was also a Pastor, who left the ministry so that his son would not be known as a P2K (The son of two Pastors). This was a good thing, since he as a teacher had a much more positive influence on the young folks than he would have had as a Pastor at the time.

So back to the Bully topic. I changed schools a bunch of times. I was at Upper Perk for a year, and suffered the insults of many of the friends at Perkiomen School (That were also at the Palm Country Day School) taunted me about my “elephant ears.” Hurtful, but harmless.

I guess the first bully I can remember was John Svaboda at Moravian School. Karma caught up with him on a “crab-race” when he was too ambitious, and hit his head on the wall and bit his tongue off. Oh, and we met later in College as opponents in wrestling. I pinned him in 19 seconds, as well as dislocated his shoulder.

Oh, and there was Jeff Beyer at the Souderton School back in 6th grade. A fat Putz. Mr. Reeder and another teacher knew he was an ass-wipe, so when I punched his lights out, I did not get a call to the principle’s office. The kid was a complete douchebag. I am surprised that he is not in government service.

The Topic of being bullied is still not finished. When I was a Perkiomen School, Chris M. John S and David Knight beat me over the head with a book in the Kriebel Hall lounge to help me with “book learning.” (I always had my nose in a book at the time.) Jep, I had access to guns at the time, but it never crossed my mind to put these a$$holes in the ground. I took my aggression out in the sports that I played; soccer, wrestling, track (high hurdles) and Lacrosse. Strangely, I never received a red card in soccer.

On to College. I never wanted to go there. I wanted to open a garage. At Ursinus, there was a Fraternity that prided themselves on being known as “the Hitler Youth.” (ZX) They tried to victimise a passive fraternity (POD) and I was not having any of it. Jep, I could have pulled a gun, but a straight razor in a bathroom conflict was enough. Oh, and I took their Moose head and founders banner as well.

So in closing, here are my thoughts.

  1. It is not a problem with gun laws. We have enough already.
  2. The Media is the problem.
  3. The election results in 2020 are really suspect.

That is enough for today. I need to finish my book “Odd shape heads.”

Please commit random acts of kindness.

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    • Martha Kriebel on 29/05/2022 at 00:50
    • Reply

    Mom has much to say about not going to college.
    You would have missed so much, which, it is interesting you reveal in you other writings.
    Nuf for now.

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