Jeepers! I am going to kick the hornet’s nest on this one.

This might take a bit to get to the point. Please be patient.

Way back when, oh, well over 40 years ago I met a man, Ed Quay. He was never one to suffer fools gladly. I was a young pup and a fool. We did not hit it off, and he sent me packing. Live and learn. I ended up spending a lot of time with Don Drewry, Kenny Kuhn as well as a lot of time at George Greeby, Jr’s Garage.

Crap. I got ahead of myself. One of the best mechanics I ever knew was Homer Bieber. Finished the 8th grade way long before WW2. Somehow he ended up as an aircraft mechanic, and after the war he set up his own shop. He bought one of the first calculators and took it apart and discovered several hidden functions that were not listed in the instructions. Crikey, only with an 8th grade education. Besides Papa Kriebs, and Leroy Schoenly (My God-father), he was one of my greatest mentors.

Shite, where was I? Oh, normally, I post links to stuff to support my arguments. Unfortunately, most of the links are on my Mobile phone, and I doughnut do Google Chrome. As a result, it is a hard slog to get the supporting links here.

But wait, here is one! I am just getting started. Nowhere in the Constitution of the United States of America is Abortion a “Constitutional right.” Oh, but the “Right to Bear Arms” is right there in #2! Oh, and what did Brandon say a bunch of years ago?

Well, at least he had hair then, and could complete any sentence to serve his own needs.

For all of you folks flipping out over the Supreme Court; I guess you were sleeping in Civics Class, you know, where you learned about the Constitution, the separation of powers, you know…the thing.

Crap. My Ultraman light is blinking, So I need to bring this to a close, right-quick.

  1. Why can we not afford to secure the boarders in the USA, but send BILLIONS to what was once recognised as one of the most corrupt nations in Europe? (Sorry, I lost the supporting link, but it is on Hunter’s Laptop.)? What about that Laptop?
  2. Men cannot get pregnant.
  3. Gun laws only hurt normal folks, not criminals. Jeepers.
  4. The “Department of Justice,” has just become the newest oxymoron.
  5. “Mass-shootings” are a social problem, not a “gun” problem.

6. Well, Jeepers. Once again someone “on the radar.” Just like the last four. I wonder if they all had “Catchers in the Rye” in their library.

7. There are only two sexes. Find love where you can. I doughnut care. The rest of the “alphabet sexes” are a mental illness.

8. No one seems to be paying attention to the US National Debt… Oh, and no one seems to remember what happened to the Weimar Republic. Here is a wake-up call. The US National debt clock

The rest if for another day… One last thing is a bit of homework. Do a search on the net worth of your favourite politician. Are they serving you, or servicing themselves as your “representatives?”

Here is one link to get you started: Wealth of Congress.

The rest I need to save for later. Global Warming? I have no fear, Osama-Obama and the rest the elite have no fear either. That is a topic for another day.

“Rules for thee, but not for me.” That seems very harmless, Animal Farm and all. The horror is that George Orwell’s 1984 seems to be coming to fruition.

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