It’s the end of the World as we know it.

Sorry that it has been a while, but I have a real life, and I have been spending too little time with my wife. One of her major complaints is that I spend so much time reading. I made the mistake of not being aware of what was going on back in 2007 and 2008, and lost everything when Lehman Brothers shite the bed, the managers received their bonuses, but all of us normal folks were left holding an empty bag.

For anyone who is not paying attention, “Die Kacke ist am Dämpfen.” (The shit is cooking.) Jep, I am referring to the whole Ukraine thing.

Ukraine is/was recognised as “The most corrupt Nation in Europe.” “Mr. Peabody, let’s set the Wayback machine to 2014.” Oh, that would be the Maiden Coup, but wait, there’s more. The world stood by when Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula. Nope, not a peep. Sure there were a few things going on in the world with the “refugee crisis” (More on this later, it is not working out so well for France, Germany, Sweden, Italy-the list goes on.) Then there is the documented “Quid-pro Quo” of the shitting, oops, “sitting” President of the United States refusing to release the BILLIONS of US taxpayer money if the prosecutor investigating Burisima was not fired. Oh, and that would be where Hunter was getting a big cut of the action. Oh, and the Laptop of Hunter, and the connections to China with a 10% cut for the “Big Guy.”

The corruption is not limited to Ukraine, nope. It is rampant in the US government as well. Does anyone remember Martha Stewart? She also learned that orange is the new black. However, there are a bunch of folks that should be wearing the same jumpsuits. There are a bunch of them getting rich on insider trading. Here is a link to how much the folks who are supposed to be serving the people have just been serving themselves.

I just read the transcript of Putin’s speech after the Annexation. If anyone thinks for a minute that this guy is some sort of idiot, monster, or despot, (OK, the last one can be disputed), they have not been doing due diligence. No, I am not defending the referendum for Annexation, nor am I defending Putin for the invasion of Ukraine. This whole mess lays at the feet of NATO, and specifically on the US policies regarding Ukraine. Yes, there was a lot of Rhetoric in his speech, but there were a few poignant things he said that need to be recognised.

“I would like to remind you that in the past, ambitions of world domination have repeatedly shattered against the courage and resilience of our people. Russia will always be Russia. We will continue to defend our values and our Motherland.

The West is counting on impunity, on being able to get away with anything. As a matter of fact, this was actually the case until recently. Strategic security agreements have been trashed; agreements reached at the highest political level have been declared tall tales; firm promises not to expand NATO to the east gave way to dirty deception as soon as our former leaders bought into them; missile defence, intermediate-range and shorter-range missile treaties have been unilaterally dismantled under far-fetched pretexts.

And all we hear is, the West is insisting on a rules-based order. Where did that come from anyway? Who has ever seen these rules? Who agreed or approved them? Listen, this is just a lot of nonsense, utter deceit, double standards, or even triple standards! They must think we’re stupid.

Russia is a great thousand-year-old power, a whole civilisation, and it is not going to live by such makeshift, false rules.”

No, Russia is not stupid, but it is also not wearing the white robe of innocence either. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the Oligarchs swooped in, and plundered the assets of the State. What Russia does have however is the thousand-year history he mentioned, and it isn’t pretty. I am certain that he recognises this, and that makes a strong point. Russia has a very long history and culture. One that he does not want to see erased, or ignored. What he sees going on in the West is the erosion of morals, character, and faith. He does not want the sexual alphabet mafia, the sexualization of children and the decadence that is spreading across the Western cultures to infect and destroy the Russian culture.

The following quote hit me kind of hard since I had just finished reading Mark, Chapter 5.

“Let me repeat that the dictatorship of the Western elites targets all societies, including the citizens of Western countries themselves. This is a challenge to all. This complete renunciation of what it means to be human, the overthrow of faith and traditional values, and the suppression of freedom are coming to resemble a “religion in reverse” – pure Satanism. Exposing false messiahs, Jesus Christ said in the Sermon on the Mount: “By their fruits ye shall know them.” These poisonous fruits are already obvious to people, and not only in our country but also in all countries, including many people in the West itself.”

Jep, this is what he was referring to.

Ukraine represents all the evils of the West. It has been used like a cash cow for the Biden Mafia, as well as to launder BILLIONS of Taxpayer’s money for much longer that the last eight years. This is a proxy War.

After four years of Peace under Trump, the Military Industrial Complex was looking for a new profit centre. Just as the Pharmaceutical concerns make no profit on healthy people, there is sadly, no profit in Peace from the viewpoint of these elites. (Oh, but there is. However, that as another topic, and it involves Ludwig van Mises and Ron Paul.)

I hope to wake up tomorrow, and hope that cooler heads prevail, but I came to Germany as an optimist, after 10 years, I became a realist. Now I look at the glasses of whiskey, and I do not wonder if it is half-full or half-empty, I wonder whether it is urine or not. Die Kacke ist am Pämpfen.

Oh, and the other thing. Ukraine was/is one of the tools for the Davos group, and the New World order.

I guess that is enough for now. Hopefully, someone will find this information useful. All the best from the “lustige Amerikaner.”

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