Absolutely, apoplectic

No, it never did.
Jep, that would be me right now.

Jeepers. I need to catch my breath. I thought that it was going to be an easy day, Sure I have been ill, but I thought that I could get started on a few batches of Christmas Cookies, and maybe, just perhaps could finish my article on my observations on the “Matrix.”

I am absolutely appalled, amazed, (as in ready to vomit), and disgusted at the perversion of the Biden Administration’s Cabinet, and other appointments. If you are not already nauseous, you are not paying attention.

They threw Paul Whelan under the bus, as well teacher Marc Fogel.

So! In exchange for an American-hating, arrogant what-ever, the Brandon Miss-Administration released for Arms Dealer Viktor Bout.

Shite. We left Marines behind, and innocent American Citizens behind. So, we traded a dealer of death, that cost millions of US taxpayer dollars to apprehend, prosecute, convict and inter. In exchange?

Jeepers, mother-fording creepers.

If this is not the definition of FUBAR, I doughnut know what is.

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