First things first

Network: the film

Anyone else feeling like this yet?


Welcome to Shake Your  I had the idea for this site twenty years ago, and finally got around to it.  If you have not seen the movie “Network,” (Amazon Prime)  Or available as a free stream at Network 1976 on    I suggest you have a look. 

Here is the IMDB link.

A few rules:

  1. Please, no profanity.  Try to be more creative.  It can be a good thing.
  2. No racist comments.  If you feel this way, you better have facts to back up your case.
  3. No Whingeing.  OK, you can complain, but here is the place for solutions as well.
  4. Identify the problem, then propose a solution.
  5. All topics are open, and nothing is sacred.  However be ready to back up your position with facts.
  6. No Porn.  Unless it is used in a clarification of your argument, Porn has no place here.

Well that is a start.  Please read the disclaimer.

Take a look at this…


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