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“Don’t trouble Trouble…”

Jeepers.  I knew it was coming.  It was a slow day in the shop, and I was just changing the winter tires out on a Jeep.  Try as I might, I no longer look for trouble.  Once upon a time, Sherman, I relished it.  To almost a “Clockwork Orange” level.  Happily, <<sigh>> those days are past.  Sometimes idiots really need a proper beat-down.  There, I said it, and I really wanted to give an idiot a full beat-down.

Jep.  I knew it was coming. “Schuldig. Schuldig. Schuldig,”  Der Kriminal Trump ist Schuldig!  Came the jubilant cry from the hind-side of the Jeep.  “Wie Bitte?”  (Changing to English), What?  “He is guilty!!!!”  I asked of what crime? Jubilant and shrill was the answer:  “He is guilty, he has been finally found guilty of being the criminal that he is!”   I had to ask:  “What was the crime?”   I tried to explain that the crimes he was charged with were originally misdemeanours (Vergehen), and they not only were past the Statute of Limitations, (Verjährungsfrist), but were only made Felonies (Verbrechen), for political reasons.

Nope, nope and Nopers.  It is like pushing on a rope, trying to argue with someone with a lack of critical thinking skills.   The next round of non sequitur was involving the Electoral College.  “He lost the popular vote!”  Bush lost, the whole system is corrupt!  Jeepers, Mohammed, let that goat alone.  The Customer, who knew the expanse of America, could understand how Germany could fit into the same space of Texas, but the one who really screwed my mood continued to postulate about how the American system was corrupt.  Another round of facts, and he walked away, when I tried to explain why the Electoral College was important, in light of the distribution of voters in the USA.

It was not until I went on the computer in the shop to look for parts, that I saw this article from the “news” here in Germany.  Basically, his entire article was based on a report from a writer, that doesn’t even live in the USA.  Jep, this guy.  From his photo, I doubt he can order a coffee without taking a few breaths.

But wait!  There’s more!  This Fuckwit is not even in the USA!   Here is his X profile!

So here is the English translation of what he wrote, that is being presented in the German Media as “fact.”   I am still waiting for the transcript of the abomination in the news from TTT on the 28/04/2024 that appears weekly in the German news, disparaging the voting system in the USA.  The Media is the problem.  I am still waiting for the requested transcript of the episode to translate.  Oh, I did my best to get the nuances of the German language correctly translated:

“Guilty. Guilty. Guilty”

Trump, the election fraudster

By Roland Peters, New York

It took the US justice system eight years to catch up with Donald Trump. The jury has only one verdict for the ex-president: guilty. According to the verdict, Trump used illegal means to win the 2016 presidential election. The defeat visibly affects him. But not for long.

Guilty. 34 times. That’s how often the speaker answers the question about the charges with this word. After the first one, Donald Trump closes his eyes and shakes his head slightly. His lawyer Todd Blanche wants to hear it again, from the twelve jurors individually. Trump now looks in their direction. Everyone repeats the verdict, some look down, others look at Judge Juan Merchan. He thanks the jury and they leave the courtroom. Blanche calls for the verdict to be declared invalid because it is based on the testimony of Trump’s former personal lawyer and key witness Michael Cohen, but Merchan brushes the motion aside. The ex-president of the United States is therefore a convicted criminal.

“What went on in Manhattan Criminal Court this Thursday has been reported in detail in the media, for example in the New York Times. The sentence for the hush money trial in Manhattan is still missing. Merchan has announced this for July 11. Trump’s team has also already announced its intention to appeal. But the guilty verdict is comprehensive. The then Republican presidential candidate conspired with others to influence the 2016 election in his favour with hush money payments about women’s affairs, thus violating election law and trying to cover this up with falsified documents.

The second day of deliberations in court almost ended without a result. After reading out the testimonies of Cohen and the publisher David Pecker, the jurors had not heard anything until 4.15 pm. Now, Judge Merchan tells those present in the courtroom that he will send the jury home at 4.30 pm. But ten minutes before that, he receives a message: there is a verdict. Trump crosses his arms and the chatter in the courtroom suddenly stops.

Pugnacious, but briefly powerless

After the reading, Trump shows a rare episode of dejection. He stands up, shakes his son Eric’s hand, leaves the hall and walks with a downcast look and heavy step towards the journalists already waiting for him in the corridor. It is only at the last moment that he straightens up a little more, looks ahead – and although he expresses himself combatively, he seems unusually powerless.

“That was a disgrace, a manipulated trial by a biased, corrupt judge,” he says to the cameras: “The real verdict will be given by the people on November 5.” He is a “very innocent man”. A few more stammered sentences, then he turns and leaves. “Why should Americans vote for a convicted criminal?” a journalist shouts after him. The convict does not respond. Trump leaves the courthouse and drives to Trump Tower in his motorcade. On the way there, he apparently regains his composure: as he steps out onto the street, he waves to a few supporters with his chin up and clenches his fist.

Trump’s son Donald junior fumes on social media: “The Democrats have managed to turn America into a third world shithole.” His father claims that the government of US President Joe Biden has directed everything to harm him as a rival in the November election. This is false. The indictment was authorized by a jury of US citizens, the verdict by another jury of randomly selected citizens. Moreover, it is a New York State case, not a US Department of Justice case. If the outcome of the trial stands up to appeal, even President Trump would therefore have no direct influence.

Day in, day out, the ex-president ranted and raved and declared himself innocent. He showed no remorse, which will play a role in the sentence. Analysts in the US media were not unanimous in the evening as to what will happen next, only this much: a prison sentence for the designated presidential candidate is certainly possible. Whether he will have to serve it is another question. In any case, he may run in November. In initial reactions, experts assume that appeals could delay a final judgment by at least a year. If Trump wins the election in November, it would be at least four years of a presidency.Fuel for the campaign

In a PBS/NPR poll released the day of the verdict, only 10 percent of Republicans and 11 percent of independents said they would be less likely to vote for Trump if he were found guilty. A grim photo of him appeared on Trump’s website after the verdict: “Never give up,” it reads. Next to it, the ex-president proclaims his innocence in red letters and claims that he is “a political prisoner”. The conviction is likely to boost the election campaign – even in direct confrontation. A televised debate with Trump and Biden is scheduled for June 27.

Both Biden’s Democrats and the Republicans could benefit financially from the consequences of the ruling. The Republican fundraising site “WinRed” was briefly offline, possibly due to a sudden influx of visitors. “There’s only one way to keep Trump out of the Oval Office: At the ballot box,” Biden’s campaign team tweeted that evening – paired with an appeal for donations. The White House commented: “We respect the law and do not comment.”

The quest for power that brought Trump to the White House in 2016 has caught up with him. “It’s sad that we have a convicted criminal as a possible next president,” said Trump’s former White House lawyer Ty Cobb on CNN. It is the first time in US history. “The Founding Fathers would weep,” Cobb adds. After all, who knows how the election would have turned out eight years ago if Stormy Daniels had published her story shortly beforehand.

Here is the original article.

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