RGB/ADAC Rallye 2014

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RGB/ADAC Rallye 2014


Well, it is difficult to believe that it was two weeks ago, but I have been busy.   Oh, I know that I could have posted this effortlessly on Facebook, but I am finished with providing content to support “Zuckerbucks.”  Nope, nope and NOPERS!  The content I post is my property.  Remember, if it is for free, you are the product.  I have owned this website and paid for the hosting for over 20 years.   It is time that I made use of it.

On the 12th of May, we took “Lucille” out on a Rallye sponsored by The Renngemeinschaft Bergisch Gladbach.  I have to say that it was imperative that we make the tour as a “shake-down run” before Drag Day on the 25th of May, (which happens to be our 17th Wedding Anniversary),   Last year was a debacle that I never want, nor intend to repeat.  I am extremely thankful for the help and support from the shop where I work, Melchert automobile, GmbH.  I was given time nights and weekends to work out a few small issues before the Rallye, and it made it possible to go on the Rallye with confidence.  Taking a car set up for Drag racing really took its toll on my clutch knee, though.  Especially with the grabbing clutch pedal.  I learned a new term:  “Cavalier Start.”  It was not meant as a compliment, though.

85 cars were registered, but I believe that over 90 participated.  I ran into a few old friends, as well as a few customers.  It was a great day.  I really expected burgers at the midday pause at Göbbels, though.  Oh, and that was where I learned the new term.

Unfortunately, I was driving, and my co-pilot Jonas did not take any photos of the wonderful landscapes we saw on the route.

Here are a few photos from the Marktplatz in front of the City Hall in Bergisch Gladbach

In the background is the “Standesarmt” in Bergisch Gladbach, where we were married almost 17 years ago. Someone needs to correct the Sundial though, it is not set to “Summertime.”


In the background is the church where we went after the Civil Service before getting into the horse carriage for the ride to Restaurant Schwäke (in the rain) for the wedding reception.

A very nice 1931 Model A Ford. Papa Kriebs sold his first Model A restoration to someone here in Germany, the colour scheme was very similar.

Very nice.

The young man in the driver’s seat is the owner. He was a brave man, we went through some very small roads with steep hills going both ways. He made the whole distance.

Something my friend Wes Lott would appreciate.

I am relatively certain that this is a kit-car. There was no chance to look under the hood. 

Nice plaque.

I doubt that a USB port was the original equipment.

Very cool. Also, a kit car, I believe.

Harley Davidson?

If there was one BMW model I would own, it would be this one.

Absolutely stunning.

I know the owner of this car. He sold a perfect 1968 Roadrunner to buy it; “Wild Thing.”

Jep, there’s Lucille going “top-less.” We were French Fried by the end of the day, though.

My Co-Pilot.

So it starts, and we were behind the BMW.

At the end of 120 Kilometers and a bit more than a half-tank of “cheap” benzine.

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