Congratulations Mr. Trump. Maybe you can pull a “Garfield.”

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Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!!!  This is a warning that there will be tons of sarcasm, facetiousness, cynicism and a bit of BRUTAL Truth ALERT!  Be warned.  

Congratulations.  (Kind of)

As if there were any doubt that you would be the Republican Nominee to run against Joe Biden again.   There is an old concept of management I learned years ago called “two strokes and a poke.”  You might want to try it sometime.  I will give an example if you will allow.

Congratulations, you have your work cut out for you.  I have to say that I was impressed with your first round as President.  You exposed the existence of the “Deep State” to anyone who was not paying attention before.  You suffered the slings and arrows of two impeachments put in the way to keep you from “Making America Great.”  You were the only President in recent history who started no new wars, and had a viable, consequent, plan to exit the debacle in Afghanistan.   Not only that, you put the NATO partners on notice while you were President that they were not pulling their weight as per the 2% GDP contract.   It was too little too late, but at least some of them paid attention.  Then there was the Paris Accord, and making America Energy independent.   I am no fan of fracking, though.  Halliburton thanks you for promoting their technologies.  Jep, you were able to accomplish many things in your first term.  You truly made “Progress in the face of adversity.”   I wonder if anyone noticed that you donated your salary as well.  Kudos.

However.  “Making America Great Again?”  In your term in office?  Absolutely delusional. The problems are and continue to be vast.  Even a lightning bolt from the Mount of Olympus could not solve the problems wrought in the unholy forges of Hades from the previous administrations, starting with the exit of Eisenhower, in your short term as President.  As unrealistic as we, the poor, the rest, the grandsons and daughters of the generation that actually “Made America Great” we had hope.  In Germany, the hope dies last.   Currently, it is on life support, and I fear that the land of my Birth is sadly close behind.

So, here it starts:

Hello from an old PA Farm boy in Germany.  I am what you might consider a potential voter.  Jep, I am spending the rest of my working days as a lowly auto mechanic.  However, I also have Master’s Degrees in Economics and Process Management in addition to two “Meisterscheinen” here in Germany.   My “Commanders in Chiefs”  were the guy with the “fine cigar,” and the guy who proclaimed “Job accomplished” twenty years too early, but in reality, it never was.  He was re-elected anyway, and I moved to Germany.  The Military industrial Complex celebrated nonetheless.  Oh, and that whole “Bird-flu” thing.  Rumsfeld made a bundle on that one.  It should have been a warning.

Then came the “Great unifier”  who was the absolute Satanic opposite.  From nowhere, Osama Obama materialised and was better than “slick Willy” charming folks.  The crimes he and his administration committed are uncountable, but even worse, ignored.

Crimes not accounted for.

I did not vote for you in 2016.  I wrote in Ron Paul.   Granted, he might have been too kind a soul to put America back on track, but getting rid of the Federal Reserve was a good start. Somehow your rhetoric, word choice, lack of filter and propensity to calling people childish names was a real turn-off.  Speaking at an 8th grade level was something that I never respected from a “Commander in Chief.”  It might have been a ploy.  Perhaps you were playing “three-dimensional chess”, and you did an outstanding job of hiding your “innate intelligence” by speaking to the disenfranchised products of the US Educational system.  Hearing you speak, I imagined an administration from the film “Idiocracy.”  Oh, and voting for you was also voting for a first lady who anyone with internet access could see her “taint.”  Really classy.  Well, I was proved wrong.  She might be no Eleanor Roosevelt, but doggonit, she brought a class and style to the White House that has not been seen since Jaqueline Kennedy.

Then came the debacle of 2020.

It is great to see that the “adults are back in charge”, and have brought “respect back to the White House”.

Really? An absolute parade of perversions.




One last thing, in case folks need a reminder:

Moving on…

Jep, there is no question that something stunk with the election in 2020.  Bring back paper ballots, voter ID, voting on one day, and hand-counting.  It functions in Germany, why not in the USA?  As my Father-in-Law said:  “Das ist doch (alles) Schnee von gestern!”  (It is the snow from yesterday.  It is gone, and it is time to move on.)  We need solutions, not a re-hash of the past.

It is obvious, something was not on the up and up

I did vote for you in 2020, by mail, from Germany.  Anyone with more than three brain cells and who can breathe through their nose can see that something stunk with the election.  Get over it.   You slept at the wheel while the States were allowed to break the law and go against their constitutions to change the rules for voting.  We all know who is pulling the strings:

Crikey, he was even arrogant enough to admit in an interview:

Fast-forward to 6:33 in the video, Jep, he said this.

Time for a “Reality check.”

Operation Warp Speed?”  You really screwed the pooch on this one, and you really need to own up and address this grievous error in judgment.  The result was not only the “Clot-Shot,” but also BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars, the WORLD OVER that were funnelled into the coffers of the pharmaceutical industry with no liability for damages.  You put that midget twit in charge, and he screwed you six-times to Sunday and back. Not only that, he made millions, and is retiring on the taxpayer dime.  I digress, but you need to own this transgression of ignorance, stupidity or just plain narcissism.  Instead of “listening to the gnome”, you should have listened to Dr. Robert Malone., and his colleagues. They might have saved your bacon, as well as many lives.

It was on your watch that the Constitution was suspended.  Just in case you missed it, the Constitution was written to limit the power of the Government, not the people governed.  If you want to make “America Great”, then maybe you might want to remind your voters that America is a “Constitutional Republic”, not a Democracy.  Oh, and those “Executive Orders?” Jeepers.

Time to fish or cut bait.

If you really want my vote (again), you need to buckle up-buttercup.  Your Achilles heel is your ego.  If you continue to surround yourself with a bunch of sycophants it will lead again to your demise.   Failure, is not an option.  You supported the former head of the RNC, and recently endorsed another “suck up.”  Jeepers.  I learned way back when from Papa Kriebs, and the church at the garage of Homer Bieber that the key to success was to surround yourself with people who you admire, not the folks who make you feel comfortable.  Sure, I might not be rich, and I am not running for office, but it is the folks who you admire that make you aspire to be a better version of yourself.  Maybe you missed that lesson along the way running your empire and having the power to say: “You’re Fired.”

I find your arrogance appalling. Perhaps a bit of this is needed to get the house in order, though.

We want solutions, not excuses, blame or obfuscations.

It is only the most ignorant who cannot see that Joe Biden is not running the Country.  Jep, you can say that anything you want about him, but I bet his only question could be “what is the flavour of the month.”

Actually, the flavour of the month should be “disappointment.”

Jep.  You can run down “Pedo Joe”  The evidence is all on his son’s laptop, and the world can see that he is a “sniffer”   You can also cite his “accomplishments” from the last 40-plus years of “government service”, as well as the obvious increase in wealth.  Crikey.

A few of us are paying attention.

No doubt about it. Let Jim Jordan and the rest sort it out. We need solutions, not accusations.

So how about a few solutions?

First off, the top issues you need to address urgently:

  1. Illegal immigration.  You were on the right track, but America was screwed by “Executive Order.”
  2. National Debt and the loss of the Dollar as a world currency.
  3. The crisis with ESG, DEI and whatever alphabet nonsense.
  4. The Administrative State and Unelected Agencies circumventing Constitutional Authority. 
  5. The Trade deficit, and getting industry and technology back to producing in the USA.and returning American energy independence, and I do not mean with fracking.
  6.  How to make “America Great.”  Sorry Bucko, but this will take Generations.  Crime under control? Buckle up Buttercup.
  7. The Social Security and Medicare crisis.  (This is an easy one).


What are the solutions?

Well, I thought you would never ask.

For Point #1,   Illegal immigration.  You were on the right track, but America was screwed by “Executive Order,” and not by due process of law.

  • I will give you a pass on this one since you were new to the game, and you were denied the opportunity to legislate effectively.  I will give you the benefit of doubt since, although it is a LONG stretch of imagination that you might have been naive. I never figured you as a “slow learner”, however.  History will never forgive you if you make this mistake again if you are provided the opportunity.
  • you are presenting yourself as a bully.  The solution is simple, and it will not only save taxpayer’s money, but be very effective. It is not only impractical, nor will it be cost-effective to “round up and deport” all the illegals. Let them do the work for you, but first:
  • Eliminate the funding for ALL GMOs who are “helping” with the invasion.  You might want to check out the “Cloward-Piven Strategy.”  It is what is happening, and it started before you took office.  
  • Cut off all funding and benefits.   Let the rich leftists step up and use their money to support the illegals. When they show up at the hospital for treatment, treat them humanely, but collect them, and send them back.  Sorry, illegal is illegal.
  • Criminal acts committed by illegals?  No problem.  Keep and retain, and by no means imprison them at the cost of the American taxpayer or provide them with access to the “Justice System.”   They are here illegally, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. Nope, nope and Nopers.  How many of them can you pack on a Lockheed C-5 Galaxy?  Repeat offenders only need “half a fare.”  
  • Well, when I saw your plan to “Build the Wall”, I had a different idea, being that I live here in Germany. After the fall of the “Wall.”  One of the consequences of the reduction of “occupying” folks was the loss of income from their absence in the local communities. They needed to eat, be entertained, and well, live.  When they left, their money went with them. The article I wrote back then was it would be much more cost-effective to bring troops back home, build communities at the border and deploy them to secure the border.  Another win-win, and the money stayed at home.  Oh, and also using technology to create a “no-go zone.”   Turning anything larger than a rabbit into pink mush in the “no-go” zone would be a great deterrent.  Either come in the front door, or suffer the consequences.
  • Oh, and for all of those clueless fuckwits saying “no human is illegal,”  Ignore them.  Illegal immigrants are just that.  Either you come in the front door, and apply for admission, or you come in illegally, a simple fact that cannot be disputed.  Proper immigration means that you come to the country to integrate, contribute something positive to your new home.  You know, like JFK said.  “Ask not what…”
  • One last thing.  The “Great Replacement” is real.  That Roe vs. Wade thing?  Well, if things keep going the way they are, then Sharia Law will make all women’s’ rights moot.  Islam will take over America, and no sheep, small child, male or female will ever be safe from the threat of sexual abuse.  Crikey!  It is already happening here in Germany!  An entire class of children were banned from drinking WATER in Class, lest they “offend” THREE kids observing Ramadan.

Moving on to point #2, National Debt and the loss of the Dollar as a world currency.


This sums it up quite well.

Well, the problem all started on Jekyll Island, so that is not all your fault.  I guess you were too busy with other stuff to listen to Ross Perot and understand what the little guy with big ears was showing on his charts.   Here he is.  No one took him seriously at the time.  Put your ego aside, and try to pay attention.  You might learn something important.

Ignorance is not bliss, and it will bite you in the butt every time.  What he was saying was a perfect example of “situational awareness,” and well, here we are.

This sums it up well, but it is not Entirely your fault, but kind of.

Jep.  When he presented his charts, everyone laughed.  It is all coming to fruition, and the vultures are circling.  Sorry Bubba, there is no easy way out of this one, and the shite has been cooking since responsible fiscal policy went out the window when Nixon unhitched the dollar from the remains of the Gold standard.  Volker, back in the Reagan Era, managed to pull the USA back from the brink, but we are way past the point where any of those solutions could be remotely viable.

So what is the solution?

Well, first is to stop the weaponisation of the US Dollar.  As for the National Debt?  Put on your “Big-boy pants”, tighten your belt and keep your zipper up.  I wrote about this before, and it disappeared into the ether of the internet. 

Here we go:

  1.  Get a bunch of the sharpest venture capitalists together.  Let them crunch the numbers from the General Accounting Office.  (GAO).  Hire a few hundred of them.  Better yet, re-task the best and the brightest from the IRS to crunch the numbers.  Give them a percentage of what they can save from the budget as payment.  That should be a great incentive.  What is 0.0001% of a few Trillion?
  2. Eliminate all the Alphabet Agencies not empowered under the Constitution of the United States.  There was never a provision of an “Administrative State” by the Founding Fathers.   Time to get the house back in order.
  3. Jep, that whole “Debt Thing.”  36 Trillion Dollars and counting?  Sorry Bubba, put down the burger, and pay attention.  That is only the tip of the iceberg.  Have a look at the real numbers.  How about the Debt clockAre you paying attention? Is anyone?   I would very much like to hear your take on how to get out of this mess that you are seemingly so willing to inherit to “Make America Great Again.”  Perhaps folks need to acquaint themselves with the reality, not the fantasy. of Government “Statistics.”  As the saying goes:  “”Lies, damned lies, and statistics.”  The real numbers can be found here:  Shadow Stats by John Williams.
  4. Cut all ties with the World Health Organisation.  Crap, send them a billing, labelled: “PAST DUE“.
  5. Turn off the tap of “Foreign Aid.”  You are already on track with this one, make it a loan, but it needs to be paid back adjusted for inflation.
  6. Evaluate the worth of the USA’s participation in the UN, are they even paying rent on the property?  Send them a bill, better yet, an eviction notice as well.
  7. Order an audit of the actual amount of Gold reserves.  Pegging the dollar to gold, silver or even <<gasp>> Bitcoin might be an option to regain trust in the Dollar as a reserve currency.
  8. Oh, and formulate a plan to eliminate the Federal Reserve, and return the coining of money back to its Constitutional roots.

But wait! There’s more!

#1 in this position should be the Defence Department.  If there was ever a black hole in the Budget, it is in the Pentagon, it is the absolute definition of insanity.   Not only is “accountability” not in their vocabulary, but also a reality of cost versus benefit.  Eisenhower warned about the Military Industrial Complex.  Maybe you should have a look.  Here it is:

Crikey!  Who the heck came up with the concept of “Guns and Butter?” That would have been Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels who stated: “We can do without butter, but, despite all our love of peace, not without arms. One cannot shoot with butter, but with guns.”

Lyndon B. Johnson‘s Great Society programs in the 1960s, when he was President of the United States, used examples of the guns versus butter model. While Johnson wanted to continue New Deal programs and expand welfare with his own Great Society programs, he was also involved in both the arms race of the Cold War and in the Vietnam War. These wars put strains on the economy and hampered his Great Society programs.  (More on LBJ later).

Are you seeing a pattern?  I find it difficult to believe, as an “extremely successful” businessman that you never came upon this concept.  It is perversely simple.   Let me put in simple terms that you can understand.

Henry Ford did not get any public funds to revolutionise production of the automobile.  The history and strife of the process aside, he did the research, created the process and built the infrastructure that revolutionised the world, and he reaped the benefits and the world prospered as a result.  One of the things that “Made America Great”.  

Pay attention, if you can put your ego on pause.   It is incogitable that public funds are given to the Military Industrial Complex for “research” for arms and technology.  It is absolutely an “upside-down-world” of economics.  Cheese and Rice.  The way things should work, is just like Henry Ford.  Research, independently invest, develop a WORKING PRODUCT, and present it for sale.  Giving the Pentagon, and all of its suppliers a budget to research and develop products that historically never come to fruition or production is a failed concept.  I am disappointed that you, as a Scrooge of Industry, never recognised this in your first term.  Oh, I forgot.  You wanted to make the American Military “GREAT AGAIN.”  Strange that you ignored the same concepts of your own businesses.

One last thing on this topic:

Jep, it is with the whole myth of “Climate Change.”  You were on the right track with the exit of the Paris accords.  Gut any funds for “green energy.”  It is only another example of money laundering for the lobbyists and kick-backs funding the Deep-State.

What no one is paying attention to is the high probability of a Carrington Event, and that would be the end of life as folks know it, and it is being ignored.  

Point #3, The crisis with ESG, DEI and whatever alphabet nonsense.

This kettle of stinking fish-heads has been cooking before we both were born.   It is all part of the 45 Communist goals, and it appears that everything is going to plan.  As far as a solution?  It is above my pay grade, and unfortunately, I think the process is too far along to reverse.  However, these concepts are in direct opposition to “Making America Great Again.” 

In my lifetime, I guess it all started with this:

A Participation Award, maybe the Dallas Cowboys should get a few Super Bowl rings.  They tried.

And then, with the lack of discipline.   Jep, I grew up with the saying “wait until your father gets home.”

It is time to reward folks for merit, accomplishments and excellence.   No Sports team drafts a player who “tried.”

The solution will take generations.  If you think that you can “Make America Great Again” as a lame-duck president, you are delusional.   You need to lay the foundation for others to build upon.

What needs to happen is the following:

  1. A complete re-evaluation of the current educational system.  Maybe a “Purge” might be more accurate.
  2. Bring back the Trades to the school system as well as Home Economics, Civics Class, and Social Studies to name a few.
  3. Bring back shame for failure, and praise for success.

There is a small core of folks who know that the way things are going is unsustainable.  The whole “Trad-wives” movement might be seen as a joke, but it is what made America Great.  What it is, is the attempt to return to the concept of the “Nuclear family.”

Which one will make for a better world?

Jeepers!  They are both Caucasians! Hold your horses, I am not finished yet.  Take away the stigma of racial context and the message is clear.  I was born before JFK was elected President.  And nope, I did not have a “traditional Mom.”  She was one of the first women Pastors in the USA.  What I did have was a close family, and community.  In addition, we had a garden, and what we did not produce, we bought either directly from the farmers, or markets in the community, and canned and preserved the harvest.  Jep, I am a white boy, and not ashamed about it either.  Despite the segregation and “racism” back then, the coloured folks also had a close-knit family structure.

The Democrats might have lost the battle in the Civil War and the elimination of slavery, but they could not destroy the cohesiveness of the core family values.  What did, however, were the democrats who followed starting with FDR, then with LBJ, the establishment of “Projects” and the Welfare State in the mid-60s put the last nail in the coffin.  Now we are talking about “reparations.”  What society does not need are “reparations,” but repair.   Langston Hughes wrote a poem about it.  What is happening now is the result of the first round of “reparations,” and the projects and welfare state which destroyed the core family of the coloured culture.  If there ever was a dream to be deferred, it was one where they were deluded and deceived.  The result of which are generations without hope or any sense of direction or purpose.  Their misery is trickling up, and the cancer of the “Welfare State” is consuming everything positive.

The solution, as I stated before, will take generations.  I fear that it is already too late.  In the “Fourth Turning,” there will be a purge.  There are damn few strong men left, and a plethora of weak men.  It appears we are at the point of very hard times, regardless of what the Sun throws our way to really blow things up.

Point #4:  The Administrative State and Unelected Agencies circumventing Constitutional Authority

Well, if there was ever a “Blue light special,” this would be it, and it ties in with point #2.  I already fear that it is against your nature, but you need to surround yourself with folks that make you uncomfortable.  Jonathan Turley would be a good start, follow up with a few of his colleagues.  You can be certain that not only will they tell you things that you do not want to hear, but they will not stab you in the back if you actually listen to what they have to say.  (Which really seems to be another weak point of your character.)

A great place to start would be the oxymoron of all oxymorons.  That would be the Department of Homeland Security, and the TSA.  Then are the rest of the alphabet agencies.  ATF, CDC, DOE, DER, DOJ, EPA, FBI, FDA and so on.  Don’t forget the Department of Education.  This is one that is critical.  It needs a high colonic.  Bringing back actual education to the school system is critical.  The “Three R’s” seemed to have fallen by the wayside as well as Civics Class, Social Studies and the Trades.

There are a bunch of bright folks out there who could write a program to analyse redundancies in Federal Programs and agencies. The key is to eliminate the overlap and stream-line the process not only to eliminate red tape but to create an efficient process that gets things done at reduced costs.  There is no excuse for the “Administrative State” to be the largest employer at the taxpayer’s expense.  Perhaps you could tap Elon Musk for a few ideas.

Javier Milei’s sweeping Argentina reforms might need a closer look, if he stays the course, it will be a modern miracle.  America needs a miracle, and I hope that you have the chance to get things started.

Point #5, The Trade deficit and getting industry and technology back to producing in the USA, and returning American energy independence, and I do not mean with fracking.

As far as your policy on Tariffs?  Crikey.  It is a lose-lose.  I wrote a paper back in 1982 on how a proper tariff should work based on costs of production in relation to labour, safety, social costs, local costs of living, environmental costs, etc. I do not have an archived copy, since it was written back in the analogue days of the Dewey Decimal System, The New York Times, and Barron’s Magazine, when they were still relevant, on an old Smith Corona typewriter.  The gist of the paper was to impose a calculation based on the cost of production of a Bic pen, (for example) no matter where it was produced, so that the factors of costs of production, (Labour costs, environmental compliance, worker’s insurance, health care, etc.)  Once figured in, this would enable the costs to be adjusted to make the same object the same end price on all markets.  As a result, this would eliminate the incentive for off-shoring production.

There are many technologies that seemed to have disappeared from the horizon.

  • The process of “Thermal depolymerisation”  which is a creative way to turn waste products into fuel and other products for future production.
  • Coal can be “clean” if you are talking about the “CO2 Crisis”.  It can be captured and used to feed algae. The algae can be processed into diesel, biodegradable plastics and feedstuff for livestock.

      An Algae “Farm.”

    I grew up in Pennsylvania.  Home of Bethlehem Steel, United States Steel, Mack Trucks, Gudebrod fishing equipment, Hurst, Philco Ford, the list goes on.   Starting at the end of the 70s, these companies started to disappear, along with the livelihoods and culture of the workers they employed.   Whether it was corporate raiding, or the increasing attacks of the “Alphabet Agencies” that hurried their demise, the crisis of NAFTA, that “sucking sound” taking jobs and “off-shoring” them finished off many industries. I am certain that the lobbyists contributed greatly to the “public servants” that were instrumental in making this possible.

  • Nuclear Energy.  Advances have been made that make it safe.  Sodium reactors?  Jep, they are a thing.
  • Oh, and Cold Fusion?  It is looking possible in my lifetime.
  • You need to find a way to reverse the process, and make America friendly for manufacturing.  A generation has been lost, and the knowledge of the trades along with it.
  • Export, export, export!  Not weapons of mass destruction, but durable goods.

Here is a short video that can explain the mess in the US, in simple terms.  It is called:  “Thriftville and Squanderville: A True Story

So, to make America Great, is not just eliminating waste in Government, it is critical to bring back the pride in producing something.  Working in a factory might not be glamorous, but it put the food on the table, and a roof over Bruce Springsteen’s head so he could go on to be cool, rich, and later, a leftist douchebag.  Crap.  I painted trucks night-shift to pay off my student loans.

Point #6, How to make “America Great.”  Sorry Bucko, but this will take Generations.  Getting crime under control? Buckle up Buttercup.

I already covered the deficit built into the system of the failed educational system,   The whole system is broken, and it is difficult to deny that is not intentional. Socialism never worked for anyone except the elites.  “Animal Farm” should be required reading.

Some Pigs are more equal than others.

1984 appears that it is being used as a primer for the Deep State.

The question is how to break the chains that bind us.  They are not the gossamer threads spun as Rip Van Winkle slept, nor are they the threads tied in sand by the Lilliputians that were easily broken when Gulliver woke up.  The chains are a mental affliction, carefully planned, and fed drop by drop, like the slow drip of water making a hole in a stone.  Perhaps it started with the conditioning via the media.  Television shows went from “Father knows best, and Leave it to Beaver,” to “Married with Children” and even worse.   “Gunsmoke, Sea Hunt, Route 66.”  all shows with a message of morality that was sustainable and humane.  There were consequences for ones’ actions, family and friends were viewed as critical to survival.

The media now has become a delivery of the perverse disguised as entertainment. We went from “Petticoat Junction” to “Sex in the City.”  How is that for a contrast?

The “Great Reset” of Klaus Schwab?   Nope, nope and Nopers.  Those folks, despite all of their money, are so above the clouds, they are short on oxygen. It is not going to happen.   Human nature is against them, we will not comply.  They shot their load too soon with their “Plandemic.”  Even the mouth-breathers are suspicious now.

What is needed is an entirely different reset.  The return to the values of accomplishment, family and human relationships.  Trite?  Unrealistic?  I think not.  All of social media, shows that people need people.  Posting for “likes” and recognition is a sign that all is not lost.  What needs to happen is to transform the connections that folks desperately need into local events.  A Church picnic or Fire Company barbecue used to be the norm.  Block parties?  We still have them in Germany, and we organise them on WhatsApp.  I bring the ribs.

Jep, I can do ribs.

For all of this to happen, people need to feel safe, and crime needs to be brought back into control.  Police State?  One million Cameras watching everything and everyone?  Pre-crime Prevention before it happens as in the film “Minority Report“?  (Oh, here in Germany, they are planning to use AI to do this.).

No.  Criminals need to fear punishment.  The punishment needs to fit the crime.   No amount of “hardship” as a child should be accepted as an excuse.  If sent to prison, for an offence that did not result in the loss of life, they need to be re-educated and learn a trade so they can contribute to society.  Back in again?  Slow learner, or hopeless?  I think the Daleks might have the correct solution.

Rampant Gun crime? Mass shooter? Paedophile? Repeat Rapist?  Sexual Trafficking?  Dealing tons of Fentanyl, Meth or other deadly substances? Treason?  All the advances in the name of “humanity,” have really made a mess of things.  It is time to put the fear of pain and death to the most despicable of criminals and repeat offenders.  Open up a book from the Middle Ages, and pick a punishment that fits the crime.  Failing that bit, bring back public hangings.  Harsh, I know, but desperate times need resolute, immediate and effective solutions.  Oh, and the rope? You can re-use it.  A “Green Solution” as it were.


Point #7:  The Social Security and Medicare crisis.  (This is an easy one)

I was absolutely shocked to hear that my ex-wife would be eligible to collect death benefits after my death.  Why is that such a shock? While my wife, and the love of my life for over twenty years, (who has always been true and supportive) can also collect the same amount.  Where the heck is the logic?

In order to “cook the books,” long before your term in office, Social Security Benefits have also been abused not only to reduce the numbers of the unemployed, but also to push folks onto the roles of disability.   Most of those folks are also addicted to opioids (OxyContin and the rest) at the cost of Medicare.  I am tired of providing links, but the facts are the facts.

In addition, all the “not illegal humans” are also sucking on the Social Security system.  Cheese and rice.  The solution is elementary:


Could the solution be more simple?  I could go on with the whole “anchor baby” and Citizenship thing, but I see that you are already aware of the situation.  

So, if you want my vote, there are a few things you need to do. 

Just joking.  As much as it pisses me off to have (once again) a choice between two ends of a stick covered in shit, your end looks the cleanest.   It is incomprehensible to me that you are going through all the persecution of the media, Justice Department, Lawfare and how many other persecutions you could have easily avoided by just going away and enjoying the money, life and time you have left on this earth.

Either you are the most narcissistic human to have ever lived, or you actually believe that you can make a difference.  I feel the need to disabuse you of the delusion that you “can make America Great Again.”  The only thing you can do as a lame duck President is to lay the foundation for those who follow you to complete the task.  You have my vote because the alternative will be the end of the last light of hope.  The United States of America.  

One last thing.  Sorry, I could not resist.  Keep your pants on.


No chance of a conspiracy with her. At least we have that.

Jesus would have spoken to this woman as a fellow human being.  Mohammed and his followers would have raped and killed her, and desecrated her corpse.  Jep, it is written in the Qur’an.  If only we could introduce the people following Mohammed to the love of Jesus Christ, and the promise of the New Covenant, then things would change.

OK, I write this as therapy to keep the wisps of dementia at bay, and Jep.  I have owned this web address for over 20! years.  Your support would be greatly appreciated.

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