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I just received my copy of [amazon_link id=”B005CDT7WM” target=”_blank” ]Rollback: Repealing Big Government Before the Coming Fiscal Collapse[/amazon_link] by Tom Woods.   Since I just started reading it, it is hard to comment on the content.  However, things will most likely remain as they are.  He is just another Cassandra , to whom no one will listen and nothing will change.  (For those of you too young to have learned about Cassandra in school, missed it, skipped class or your school was too educationally bankrupt to teach it; click on the link to Wiki and learn something.)

No one listened to Ross Perot back in 1992.  Whether a conspiracy to throw the election, or another sad commentary on the so-called ‘Activism’ in the USA, no politician (except Ron Paul) listened to his message and not only did no change occur,  things have gotten worse.

You can say what you want about Warren Buffet.  He has more money than I will ever see, and probably has more than anyone reading this.  How he earned that money, and what he does with it is not a topic for this page at this time.  However, the short You-Tube video puts the situation in language that just about anyone can understand.


Warren Buffet’s Article

Shortly there will be more information on the Conspiracy Page.  However, one has to wonder about the Media coverage of the ‘entitlement’ protests going all around the nation.  It would appear that the protests are against the wrong issue.  Instead of protesting for continuing the Status Quo, what needs to happen is action against the cause for the shortfalls in the Budgets.  Demanding accountability for the spending is needed, not outrage that someone is limiting how much slop is being thrown in the trough.  What will happen when the coffers run dry?

Take a look at the Protests in Greece and Ireland when the result of unsound economic policies created a National financial Crisis.  They are making the same protests for the continuing payment of entitlements, but without any understanding or willingness to sacrifice to bring the house in order.

During the Second World War people put up with rationing, shortages, and unavailability of common household goods and made the best of it.  United against a common foe, fighting on two fronts, Americans shouldered the burden and created one of the greatest nations on Earth.  This spirit seems to be lacking.  Perhaps the foe has not been identified.  More likely people do not want to know, or feel too powerless to fight back.  However in light of the low percentage of people who are eligible to vote, 64% is a pretty sad number for a country that hails itself as the model of Democracy…a topic for the Politics Page later.

Anyone who had the privilege to attend one of Dr. Bernie Lentz’ Economic classes learned about the ‘Wheel’.  The wheel of production and consumption, supply and demand.

Unfortunately in the next semester, Dr. Pilgrim lost the plot lecturing about Keynesian Economic Theory…which is probably why few people can come to grips with the crisis at hand.



More later…

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