Jeepers Tucker, Kudos.

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Tucker goes to Russia…Wowsers.

I have to give it up to Tucker for having the chops to go to Russia, and interviewing Mr. Putin.  Jep, I watched the whole thing.  To clear things up from the get-go, I was for a long time no fan of Tucker.  His whiny, nasal voice got on my nerves, and he appeared to be smug and condescending.  The main stream media promoted this view, and I am ashamed to admit that I fell victim to their salacious attacks on his character.  However, a deeper dive revealed a family man with Christian values and a deep concern for America, and how the “little people” are being victimised by the “elite.”

Before I continue, let me provide a bit of personal perspective, or what might be considered prejudices.  You might want to stock up on your favourite beverage, have a smoke and get comfortable as I anticipate this is going to run long.

To start out with, before I even started to watch the interview, I will admit, it was with a jaundiced eye.  Some might call that critical thinking.  I had the preconceived idea that Tucker was doing this just to be a sensationalist and to improve his brand and fortunes.  This idea was promptly disabused in the first twenty minutes of the interview while he sat there silently and listened to the fairytale of Russian History.  

I grew up in the time when we still had the “duck and cover” exercises in school, and from the first through third classes at the Moravian School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania we had monthly drills to go into the bomb shelter led by our teachers on the “way to safety” by the black and yellow radiation symbol signs.  Crikey! There were even racks of ominous looking bags with “gas masks” and the shelves of cans of food.  So, Jep, the trauma of a nuclear war was imprinted on our young minds.  The one question I remember was “what about our parents?”  My recollection fails, but in my memory it is the same language spoke my the teachers in Peanuts.  I need to ask my German wife what she experienced, living even closer to the threat of the red terror.

So Tucker sat there silently while Vladimir spent the better part of the hour with a selective history of Russia.  Despite his “selective memory” It was not all wine and roses, or in German “Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen.” He was very adept in forgetting many instances of Lenin’s mass murder of the “beloved children of Russia.”   

But wait! There’e MORE!  Stalin?  Sorry, Vladimir, you seemed to have forgotten this:

So, on to the “interview.”

I was immediately surprised to see/hear that Mr. Putin did not conduct the interview in English. It was a shock at first.  My first question is why?  I have a great distrust in anything presented by a translator.  Jeepers, they translate the gibberish from Joe Biden daily to fit the narrative.  However, this was an interview of importance to the entire world.  I always hoped to achieve a command of German to write as eloquently as Goethe, but that will never happen in my lifetime.  I find it difficult to believe that Putin is not eloquent in speaking English.  This appeared to be a power-play.

However, the biggest takeaway was how eloquent and cognizant he was for over two hours. O’Biden?  Trump?  It is depressing to recognise the lack of intellect proffered in any candidate for election as President of the United States of America.  Papa Kriebs would be a better candidate than anyone offered if he was 20 years younger.

Oh, and when he started on the “history” of the ever-loving lands of Russia and the people?  I heard Burl Ives as the narrator in Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer.  Jep, harmless.

So. Vladimir is just the “misunderstood” Abominable Snowman? Nope, nope and Nopers.   He is the bully playing the victim in this regard.  However, there are mitigating circumstances, all going back to the “magic Bullet.”

Jep, the Bully, playing the victim.  Somehow, Mr. Putin seems to forget the attempts to expand the hedgomy of Russia’s “military might” in Afghanistan and Syria.  In his defence, I need to say that anyone sent there from the US Forces with first-hand experience, this supports his argument of the CIA or whatever “special organisations” with actions against Russia.  Oh! For those of you not paying attention, the US trained, financed and supported Osama bin Laden and the Taliban against the Russians.  Doughnut get me started on the whole thing in Syria, Libya or any of the failed operations that US Forces were sent as “advisors.”  Those who were there, who survived are disallowed from VA benefits as well.  I digress.  Get used to it.

So at the end of “fairytale hour,”  he had the hubris to speak about the takeover of Crimea.  Well pilgrim, things were not so simple.  Certainly, the encroachment of NATO might have played a part. OH! NEWS FLASH! REALLY?  The frequent flyer to Epstein’s Island considered Russia joining NATO?  Give me a mother fording break. NATO was founded to defend Europe against whom?  

The takeover of Crimea was met with crickets on the world stage. Yes, it is one of the few deep water ports available to Russia, and the “expansion of NATO” was offered as an excuse.  Meanwhile, Osama Obama, and his Vice President were raking in the coal, as well as a bunch of their family members, to let things slide.  Germany was in no position to object as well, since their cheapest source of energy came from Russia.

Very telling in the interview was the question of the talk of peace.  I have to wonder if anyone is aware of the Coup d’├ętat that occurred in 2014, in Ukraine. The war in the Donbas region has been going on since then.  Do your own research on who has been supplying this.  So, Mr. Putin, I will give you a half-point on this argument.


Jep, Jep and Jeepers.  Putin really hit the nail on the head with the orchestrated downfall of the US Dollar as a World currency.  Weaponising the US Dollar will only end in tears.  Bitcoin anyone?  Me?  I like Gold and Roosevelt dimes, but that is an article for another time.

Once upon a time, I posted on Facebook “Beanie’s Bible Bingo.”  Jeepers.  It opened to Matthew Chapter 5.

Blessed are the peacemakers.

The rest of the interview was very one-sided.   Certainly, Tucker could have asked many more pointed questions, but I think he erred on the side of prudence.  

Godspeed Mr. Carlson.  Kudos, and all the best.  You went where no journalist dared to venture.


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