Jobs Program? Where’s the beef?

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Ok, it has been ages since I have written anything, and here is probably the least productive use of my efforts, but as they say in Germany “ich habe jetzt meine Schnauzevoll!”   (Try google translator if you don’t understand.)

I have been harping for years; that would be for almost 20, about the ‘big-box stores’ and the absolute insanity of buying ‘stuff’ because it is cheaper.

Another great quote from my Grandfather:  “Price without quality is no bargain.”

Here is a great article that describes what happens when these operations take over :  The Walmart you do not know.  Granted, I grew up in a time where there was a Mom and Pop grocery store; Kelsch’s Market, where there was the Post Office, Butcher shop, and Stationary Store in the same Building.  Heck, my Mother’s family operated one in Creamery since the 1760’s, “Bean’s Store”.  Google it, or “Hunsicker’s Store, Creamery.”

Of  course, there is always ‘economies of scale’, but there is also the rule of diminishing returns.  One of the things that is diminished is the quality of life when small local businesses succumb to the pressures of a foreign corporation that manages to use their size to pressure suppliers into making decisions that in reality make no economic sense.  (You did read the article didn’t you?  If not, go back to ‘Go’ and do NOT collect $200).

Yesterday, [I wrote this originally on the 10th of September], Mr. Obama announced his ‘plan’  to ‘revitalise’ American business.  Sorry, but I am no longer required to blindly support the ‘Commander in Chief’…what his plan entails is nonsense.  Only more debt for future generations.

There is a reason that Germany is able to support all of its’ “neighbours who are in need”.  (Another time for this theme…)  Simply because, until two years ago they were #1 in exports.  For those of you a bit slow on the uptake, that means that Germany PRODUCED something for sale, that other people / countries needed, and paid for.  Case in Point “Stanley.”


Stanley is a company with a rich history that parallels the greatness of America.  From tools, industrial and consumer goods (like those shown in the picture), they made things that industry, and people alike needed.  Good business. Unfortunately, they received tax incentives to move their production ‘off-shore.’  After developing and building a plant in Pennsylvania to build Vidmar Cabinets, they closed the plant, and moved production  to a more ‘economically beneficial’ location.  Here is the link to their site.  Of course they play on the honour of America, and what they provide.  Unfortunately, they do not include that they manufacture their products elsewhere… Check out the photos.

Since there is currently a ‘discrepancy’ with what 1 and 1 Internet will allocate for memory, the thumbnails may not work…until we subscribe to a premium service that is…A bit of advice:  go with godaddy, the heck with the hook-noses at 1 and 1.

Where are they made?  Is the price less???  That would be a rhetorical question son, rhetorical.  Look it up.

Now, of course, Germany is #2.  Who is #1?   If you do not know the answer, you dod not read the article. …Go back to “GO’, and do not ask about the $200 again.  Why is Germany #2?

I recently had another round of this argument with my Daughter.  She was ironing a shirt for her boyfriend, and it was noticed that the shirt was “Made in China”.  When I commented that this was irresponsible, she responded, ” if I had to pay for a shirt that was made in Germany, it would cost $50, not $15.”  My response was simply, then you by one shirt, and leave the rest on the rack.  Simple economics will bring the prices in order.  However to do otherwise is not only socially, but fiscally imprudent.  Does anyone know about Ludwig Van Mises ?  I know Ron Paul does.

Jeepers, let’s get to the point.  What America needs is Jobs, not jobs created from ‘thin air’, or from government subsidy; which means from the 25% that are not out of work taxpayer.

Somehow, the corporations in America have managed to recieve tax-breaks to ship the biggest costs of production ‘off-shore.’  Weeeelllll, it is time for  the gravy train to end.

So as a solution:

  1. Not only eliminate tax loopholes/ incentives for company’s that ‘off-shore’, but make tax penalties for doing so.
  2. There is no such thing as ‘most favoured Nations status’ (Google it).  Only one’s own country.
  3. Any corporation that makes its’ profits on goods not produced in its’ own country should also lose any tax incentives, but should also pay a penalty.

These are not tariffs, and cannot be labeled as so.  However, the fact that ‘bigger is better’ is a myth.  Just look at government.  More later.

For those of you wanting to learn more, I suggest you either google “Chuck Butler” or ” the ” The Daily Pfennig.”  Good stuff.

Pertinent to this writing is this article on


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