Dear Mr. Trump,

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Nice Photo Mr. Trump. Give ’em Hell.

Greetings from a PA Farm boy in Germany. I have to admit at the onset that I did not vote for you in the first election, I wrote in Ron Paul since Ross Perot was no longer a viable option. Apropos, Ross Perot, the charts he made regarding the National Debt are all coming true, not only in spades, but with the full deck of the playing cards of the Apocalypse.

In 2016, you came across as a self-absorbed egotist, and the prospect of having a Porno- FLOTUS was not all that appealing. Well, you proved everyone wrong.  Despite all the attacks from before you were elected as well as during your presidency, your accomplishments were remarkable, and Mrs. Trump brought the Style and Grace to the Whitehouse that has been absent for years.

Jep, I voted for you in 2020.  I was paying attention to what you had accomplished, as well as recognised that you were able to achieve many things for the common folk despite being hobbled by a system that was against you, even before you started. My vote might have never been counted since I had to vote absentee, living in Germany after all. 

Anyone with the most basic brain function recognises that the Election in 2020 was tainted. Get over it.

So, yes, something stank with the 2020 election.  Get over it.   As my German Father-in-Law was fond of saying:  “That is snow from yesterday.”  (“Das ist doch Schnee von gestern!”) It is time to move on and concentrate on the issues to actually “Make America Great,” and use the experience from your time in office to prevent it from ever happening again, and maybe, just maybe search out a cabinet and officers that are not going to give you the “Brutus treatment.

Jep, time to:

I am nobody to you.  However, I do represent is the voting block you need to reach.  You will not accomplish anything with your “cute” name-calling.  It is not a “reality-show,” you are running for President of the United States.  The only thing you accomplish with the “theatre” is to give more ammunition for the yellow press to paint you as the idiot that you are not.   Might I be so bold to suggest that you simply use the name of the person, and speak it with disdain and loathing, as if they are not worth your time nor consideration.   As a follow-up, give one of your “zingers,” based on facts as to why you hold them in contempt.  Drop the name-calling, PLEASE!

Speaking of the “Yellow Press.”  Well, it is everywhere, even here in Germany.  I don’t watch the news, and doughnut read the Newspaper.  I get my news from Zerohedge or from the PJ Media Group.  I also follow Dr. Malone’s substack.   He might be someone to consider in your future administration.  At work, I often hear many disparaging things folks parrot from the snippets fed to them from the “news.”  Jep, there was even a “discussion” of the “Wonderful Inflation Reduction Act.”  I deffered to silence on their ignorance of what was actually included.  If they were actually informed by other sources than the parroted CNN version of the News, they would also be outraged about how it is the absolute opposite of the title, and is a candy-coated version of the “Green New-deal.”  There is absolutely no coverage of the dementia of the man occupying the White House at the moment.   So keep that in mind.  The media is against you, but you know that already.  There is no reason to give them more sound bites to undermine your cause.

I have been self-employed most of my life.  Successful? Hardly. I am the poster-child of a bad businessman. My failure was enjoying the work, micromanaging the process since I knew I could do it better myself, and then delivering a finished product that not only exceeded the customers’ expectation, but also exceeded the budget for the work.  Jep, I have worked with my hands most of my life, despite having more than just a College Degree.

So speaking as a potential voter, I offer the following observations:

  • First, Concentrate on your achievements. Crikey, for being handicapped by the “Deep-State,”  what you accomplished is astounding.  
  • Oh, and no new wars.  I wonder if you were coerced into the strike on Qasem Soleimani, it is above my pay grade.  Was the Blowback really worth it?
  • Somehow, I, as well as many others, are a bit “miffed” as to how you plan to “stop the war in Ukraine in 24 hours.”  Either present a plan, or shut the heck up about it.  As I see it, the only way to stop the war is to either risk World War 3 by throwing all the resources of NATO and the West against Russia, or convince Ukraine to give up the territories now occupied by Russia.  This mess started under the “Osama-Obama” (I am not running for office, so name-calling is at my disposal) administration while the world slept, and Crimea was taken over without a peep.
  • You really have to own up to how you “screwed the pooch” with the evil gnome Fauci.  Oh, and Operation “Warp Speed?”  Well, that gave the world the “Clot-Shot,”  To top it off, the Pharmaceutical companies not only cashed in at the taxpayers’ expense worldwide, but also received “Carte blanch” from any liability.
  • Securing the border. Jep, that is a strong point.  The logistics and costs of finding the flood of illegals, will be a monumental task. One way to fund this is to eliminate all payments to the Non Government Organisations (NGO’s), as well as blocking the funding to so-called “sanctuary” cities.  The last report I read was that 22 BILLION dollars were being sucked up by the invasion of the illegals.  That would be a start.  In addition, cut off any form of government (taxpayer funded) aid for them.  If they are here illegally, they are not entitled to any benefits, none, nada.  Let some non-profit charity pick up the tab from private contributions.   Now they are being given a carrot to come here.  It is time to get out the stick.  I really have to wonder why they are being bussed from Texas, et al. to other States/cities in the USA, and not being bussed back over the border.
  • American Hedgomy. Well, this would be the weaponisation of the US Dollar. * (Follow the star).  This can only end in tears.  More on this topic later.
  • National Debt.  Jiminy Cricket.  If this was an elephant in the room, it would cover most of the earth.  Have a look at the Debt Clock.  Ross Perot was laughed at, but Jeepers.  What are your plans to deal with this?  I have a few suggestions. ** (Follow the stars, I will clear it up in a bit.)
  • Tariffs?  Sorry, Sir, but the economy flourishes with a free market. ***(Once again, follow the stars, I ain’t done yet.)
  • Hunter Biden?  Leave that crap alone.  Sure, he is the product of the Apple tree, and Jep, the Laptop is real, his perverse escapades are real, and the showers with Pedo Joe are real.  Let Senators Grassley, Comer and the rest do their jobs with “following the money.”  Oh, and the   information   is there on a site called “Marco Polo,” folks just need to put down the remote, shut off the TV and pay attention.

    Ah, the old “Shell Game.”

    I am not OK with this, and if the Media was doing their Job, no one else would be either.

  • Joe Biden?  Sleepy Joe? Pedo Joe, O’Biden?  Let us small folks give him the nicknames he justly deserves.  You, on the other hand, need to just say “Biden?” (As sardonically as possible) “What has he done for you lately?”  Or, “What about the debacle of withdrawal from Afghanistan?  You had a plan, and look what happened under his leadership.” How about the question of: “How is ‘Bidenomics’ working for you?”
  • Stick to the facts, and PLEASE stop attacking him for his frailty and lack of mental acuity.  Anyone who is paying attention can see that he is well past is “Good by date.”  I strongly doubt he ever had a date when he ever did anything good for his constituents.  He has never had a real job, he has been sucking on the teat of the American Taxpayer his entire career.  However, many folks who vote either know someone suffering from dementia, or are also approaching that age where steps can present a challenge.  (Jep, me included)  Another good question is: Why is he not donating his salary?  Here is a link to the 249 lies he has told as of a year ago. Crikey, that is part 3 of 3 from only a year ago.  I wonder if The Federalist has an update?

    That’s quite a jump in income for a guy you claimed he was so poor that he was worried about “bouncing checks.”

So let me start with the “Stars.”

  1.   * The American Dollar is at the precipice of losing its status as a world currency.  The National Debt is of little consequence in relation to the Japanese Yen, but it is not the standard for international trade.  Something needs to be done to restore the confidence in the US Dollar.  Using it as a weapon is not what will ever be in the interests of the USA.  Which brings me to star #2:
  2.  ** I can understand why Nixon took the dollar off the Gold Standard.   It was the beginning of the end. It put the whole of what the founding fathers had specifically put in the Constitution that the “Power of the Purse” was put in the hands of the Congress.  Somehow, you have to find a way to roll back the hands of time, return America to a Constitutional Republic, as well as rest the power from the “Constitutionally Illegitimate” Federal Reserve that was conceived on Jekyll Island.  In another post, I will delve into this topic in greater detail.  
    "Danger says it all."

    I don’t own the rights to this, and I don’t know who does. I found it on the internet, and well, it was one of my favourite cartoons as a kid, on Wee Willy Weber.

  3.   *** Jep.  Time to check in with Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  Once upon a time, I was a student of Economics.   Actually, I have an advanced Degree in Economics and Production Optimisation  (William Edwards Deming).   It was not easy studying under professors who subscribed to the unsustainable Keynesian School of Economics, since I had a Professor early on who introduced me to the theories of Ludwig Van Mises.  Forty or more years ago, (Jeepers!)  I wrote a thesis on Tariffs.   Not the kind you have in mind.  This was at a time when “off-shoring” was in vogue to reduce labour costs as well as to circumvent costs of compliance with environmental standard, labour standards, medical and benefit costs, etc.
    The premise was on levelling the playing field for a free market.  My thesis was typed on an old “Made in the USA” Smith Corona typewriter, and references from publications of the day such as Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, (40 years ago) and sources found using the analogue Dewey Decimal System at the school Library.  Only a hard copy with a copy made with (Made in USA) Carbon paper.
    The short synopsis, of the 70 pages or so, is this:   Evaluate the difference in Production costs of a few simple objects; a ball-point pen, an iron, a toaster and a colour television.  Take into account the costs of materials, the costs of labour, the costs of benefits (health, safety, retirement, etc), in addition, the energy costs, costs of compliance with environmental care and the other ancillary costs of production.  I do remember exactly, but there were over 30 points of data in the calculation.  The end result was to impose an import tariff on all imported goods to make the cost of a Bic pen, for example, produced in China, Mexico, or Germany, the same as if it were produced in a country with compliance with the criteria that constituted the cost of production.  The “tariff” would be put into the “World Bank,” (Remember, this was over 40 years ago, and I was a bit na├»ve), and would be used to help nations to get up to a universal standard for both employee protection, and environmental compliance.  
    The Premise was:  “Equalise the costs of production for Imported Goods to prevent off-shoring and destabilisation of local economies.”  That was then, and this is now.  It is a bit ironic in light of the whole “Green Thing.”  The theory could be adapted to address two issues at once.  However, tariffs that restrict a free economy are self-defeating.  That was one of the comments from a professor who graded my paper.

    Well, that is about all I have time for at the moment.  I read an article today about the “1% elites.”  Jep, those folks who went to Ivy League schools, who are earning more than $150,000 per year.  Wowsers!  They are all happy with O’Biden, trust the government, and think that “there is too much freedom.”  Well, I have to say this:  “Sorry sunshine, there are a heck of a lot of us folks with blisters on our hands, living pay cheque to pay cheque (if we are lucky).  OH!  Please keep in mind that there are a heck of a lot more of us, than there are of you.”


    Jep, sometimes my hands look like this. This is a good day. No DNA left on the work.

    So Mr. Trump.  You have your work cut out for you.  America is exponentially turning into the shit-hole of a third country due to illegal immigration, the defunding of police, ESG, DEI, the forgotten rule of rewarding merit and punishing criminals to the full extent of the law.  Unfortunately, you will have only four years to accomplish what it will take generations to correct.  Keep in mind there are many folks who feel like this:

    Jep, there are many folks who are fed up with the morass that is a result of corrupt politicians and the Administrative State. Things need to change right quick.

    I consider myself a critical thinker.  Almost 20 years ago, I moved to Germany as an “optimist.”  Now I am a realist.  If I am not sleeping, eating or working, I am either thinking or reading.  It is astounding that you, with your money, family and lifestyle would choose to pursue a path of painful resistance.   Looking at all the challenges and persecutions you have endured as President in addition to the Lawfare thrust upon you, I am convinced, now, that you are not doing this because of ego, or pride.   The only possible reason is because you really desire to make a difference.  This is the message that needs to be shouted from the rooftops and get started on the path to “Make America Great.”  It will be a generational process, I hope that there is still time to turn things around.  Unfortunately, the influence of being in Germany is pushing me away from being a realist, and to becoming a pessimist.  Please be the driver of change, the catalyst to give us small folks hope, a light against the darkness of the Deep State, Davos, the WEF and the “Elites.”

    I wish you all the best.  Good health for you and your family, as well as belated condolences on the death of your Mother-in-Law.  My next article will be on the “President-elect,” and the tasks ahead.  However, I still need to finish the article on “Gold is Money, “(It’s not, but let me finish the article.)


    Actually, it and Silver are no longer money. You cannot go to the grocery and pay your bill in Gold or Silver, but in some areas, you can pay in Bitcoin. Central Bank Digital Currencies? (CBDC) It is a trap, and in Africa, the test failed.


    • Christopher Lott on 02/02/2024 at 09:37
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    Quite an essay on the plight we find ourselves in. Though some don’t consider it a plight. They don’t even consider it.
    I took several W Edwards Deming courses when I was in the Navy.
    I loved them as they were meant to measure how well things worked. They were scorned by most because it showed how poor our US manufacturers produced things.
    Now we don’t produce at all as outsourcing was the solution for low skilled overpaid union cabals.

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