Where the mother fording Ford is the OUTRAGE?

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Well Pilgrim, I guess that I have reached the tipping point. Really, if you are not outraged, you are not paying attention.https://www.aljazeera.com/gallery/2023/10/12/photos-inside-israeli-kibbutz-attacked-by-hamas-bodies-litter-streets Not my favourite source for news, but…

As my Father-in-Law once said, when looking over the field of decimation in Saint Petersburg, he said, “Die Kacke ist am Dämpfen.” In proper English, “The shit is cooking.” He saved 5000 men that day, and is documented in a book from one of the survivors. I have to look for the book. The story of my Mother-in-Law, a “Power-Frau,” is even more dramatic. She took the last train East in 1945 to Königsberg , and she wrote a book about it as well.

Jep, I am mother-FORDING! Pissed the Ford off. I really wish that Franklin Leroy Weston was here to support me with the horror of hearing “Allah Akbar.”

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