Crikey, it has been a while since I have posted anything. This has to change.

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Sorry, no pictures, and no links, I need to blaze through this since my “Ultraman light is blinking.”

Well, once upon a time Sherman, I was given the task to “Change the world, and make it better.” That would have been in the 1970’s or so. I sang duets in Church, and was also told that if I kept singing, I would never have to work a day in my life. Then my voice changed, Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, as well as Bobby Jr.

I really felt and believed that it was possible, in my own small way, on this wonder of a blue marble in space to make a difference. Heck, my pickup line, was “when I am King, things will be different.” Jep, I really was convinced about that, and well…

Well, I now accept that I have only been reduced to a small cog in the machine, just like everyone else who grew up in the 70’s. It would appear that the elites hold all the cards. Nope, Nope and NOPERS.

If you choose to be a pawn, you will always be a pawn. There are only two moves in Chess where the pawn can take down the King. Jeepers? The King? Let me check my pronouns. It is only a matter of time before the “woke” ass hats get to attacking chess. However, I digress. I am a professional with forgetting the point, but not this time.

Cheese and mother-fording rice. What the Ford is going on in my America is a complete Chinese goat-ford. That would be the thing like a Keystone Cops fire drill, but with the Chinese fighting over who is going to Ford the goat fist.

Jep, it is that bad.

So here we go. Fasten your seatbelts, and buckle up buttercup. It is time to get down the meat and potatoes of the thing. Enjoy your meat and potatoes while you can, the elites have other plans. George Orwell’s “1984” has been mated with “Animal Farm”. BUT WAIT! There is more in store! “THE GULAG ARCHIPELAGO!” Here is a link, Jep, we were allowed to read this in school, instead of learning how to give blowjobs, or masturbate.

Jep, I digress again, but back to the task at hand. If I were to suggest to the next President of the USA, and it is certain as FECK not going to be O’Biden. Crikey, he is more lost than the legendary 10 mm socket. Who is it going to be? I doughnut know. I left my crystal ball in the USA, and it is incompatible with the electrical system in Germany.

Well Sherman, I hold a degree in Economics, as well as “Process Optimisation.” The latter is the most hated in any company with the workers. The former was a complete waste of my time and student loans.

My advice to anyone who wins the next election, it to put the bastards (like me) to go through the entire Administrative State, and do an analysis on the budgets, as well as do a cost/benefit analysis on what they are delivering. All the data is there in the General Accounting Office. The Administrative State is bleeding the USA Dry. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON that then budget cannot be balanced.

The US government is not a Democracy feck-wads. It is a Constitutional Republic. Oh, that would also mean that it is a corporation that should look at the balance sheet for the investors. Are you paying attention? That would be the CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES. Not Illegal immigrants.

The system has been perverted, and the working folks are paying the bills.

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